Writing Community Style: Finding One's Writing Voice

Recently, this “journal writer” spent four glorious weeks in a class I would take over and over again.

Monday mornings my ritual for the last four weeks was an 11am pot of tea with three other students of the craft of writing and one FINE facilitator.

We can’t return enough to explore the basics and the most simple and exquisite writing exercises. One could warm up morning after morning and the written product will never be the same.

A simple launching point could reveal a great idea for a new blog post, a story, an article, or the focus required for some business writing that we might be procrastinating about. The warm up is the starting point and then comes the clarity we so desire and the creativity is again free to flow.

I feel…

I am..

I hear..

I see…

I think…

I wish…

When we just begin and keep that pen moving and dig a little deeper minute by minute we have no idea what we might capture.

And then there is the sharing…

We are all so critical of ourselves BUT boy is it easy to give honest kudos to another writer.

The next time Kim Pearson of Primary Sources offers to teach this four week series, I’ll be singing her praises as the teacher/facilitator she is and invite those I know who crave to write juicy and free and on point and discover how good a writer they actually are. Or let your peers tell you how they here your writing.

I loved the writing exercises that were part of all the years of my elementary and middle and high school years and quite frankly I can’t remember why I stopped.

So, I created yet again a way to support myself and others that I am most excited about.

Stay tuned and tune in when you have the joy of writing with others.

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About Deborah Drake

Deborah Drake is the founder of Authentic Writing Provokes, a full-time wordsmith, a publishing specialist, and an avid competitive storyteller. She champions the power of storytelling, good grammar, and on occasion--breaking the rules in the name of innovation. She has helped over a hundred clients develop, write, edit, and self-publish their website content, blogs, and books---Above all, she is an advocate for authentic writing, heart-based marketing, and bold self-promotion--that authentically reflects essence, vision, and mission. “What we can relate to personally, we can understand better, sooner, and more quickly. Authentic self-expression ALWAYS provokes." **Co-author of two non-fiction/self-help books, Burn Your Resume. You Need a Professional Profile and Message in a Bottle.** Deborah appreciates the stunning Pacific Northwest for its greenness even though she misses the salt air and sandy beaches of her native Monterey Peninsula--happily lives in Bellevue with her family, where she starts most days with an early morning walk to fuel her focus and creativity.

3 thoughts on “Writing Community Style: Finding One's Writing Voice

  1. You just took me back to Miss Butts, my 12th grade English teacher and the one who taught me to write.

    My god – what a patient hammer she was and how I loved the stream of consciousness. And how she taught us to write a term paper made up exclusively (well, more like 95%) of quotes. I wrote mine on Ogden Nash – the only writing assignment I ever had that caused me to laugh from start to finish.

    Freshman year in college Miss Butts made the headlines. Her life-long companion has an incurable cancer and her religion prohibited the use of medicine. In her murder-suicide note, Miss Butts said she had to end her suffereing from “the cancer that was killing her so cruelly.”

    Miss Butts went to see her in PA. They had lunch, then went to a field. Miss Happer sat in a folding chair and Miss Butts shot her in the head. She then drove back to Bethesda, MD, pulled up in front of the police station, placed her note where it would be easily found and shot herself.

    My best-loved teacher.

    It’s true. Authentic writing does provoke.

  2. Don,

    What a bittersweet/inspiring/thought provoking comment from you. Tragic that your Mentor first inspired you one way and I’m sensing in some ways, yet a second way.

    Life is a precious thing. So is our Creative Life.

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