An Homage to School Commencing

English Robins on Summer say more please!

Summer is doubly officially over when children return to school. Are there other signs about that cause you to get sentimental as one season draws to a close and another takes center stage? For me it is the quality of the light and the crisp coolness in the air in the morning. It arrived this weekend!

My morning walk feels more golden. The light grows softer. And as I watch American Robins feast on worms in the dewy grass of early hours, I experience a wave of memories that pre-dates my own daughter’s current enthusiasm for a new school and the start of her Middle School years.

Can we ever forget choosing what to wear that first day of a new school year? Even if I had to wear a uniform of a crisp white button down shirt and Scottish Tartan with red or green sweater and matching socks (I’d have been happier had they let me mix and match red and green!) I always looked forward to putting on that fine wool skirt with the perfect pleats on the first day of the new year. I was clearly a kid who liked school and not having to figure out what to wear daily was a bonus in my mind. I DID get to choose red or green accessories…

I looked forward to getting back to English classes especially.  And given what I spend my days doing as a Writing Coach and Marketing Consultant who champions being a touch personal and ALWAYS our authentic self in communication, I offer a salute to the teachers and staff and the students who start new rhythms today.

We parents best appreciate the academic caregivers as much as we can. For their first task will be to get the Summer out of our children’s heads and that might take some doing for some. Here is hoping your summertime was golden and memorable in big and small ways.