Share your wisdom. Tell your stories. Authentic always provokes.

Every person and business owner have important stories of challenges overcome, lessons learned, accomplishments realized, and human experiences that make them the right product and service provider for future clients. Too many people shy away from writing or believe they must write systematically to play it safe.

As a content development and writing strategy, that won’t attract ideal clients.

I am Deborah Drake, Founder of Authentic Writing Provokes; and I love the power of language and storytelling. I wish that writing came easily to every person, yet, the reality is that some struggle and many avoid it all together.

Authentic Writing Provokes offers clients a collaborative roadmap for overcoming the anxiety of writing for business and personal projects–and more importantly their reticence to bold and shameless self-expression and self-promotion. Each client receives personalized support in developing their unique writing voice, editing skill, self-publishing knowledge, and self-promotion talent. Some clients initially dread writing for themselves, telling their stories, promoting their content, and still some part of them wants to blog and write their books.

Authentic Writing Provokes transforms reticence into enthusiasm, self-criticism into skillful self-critique; and liberates the creative storyteller within.

Authentic Writing Provokes coaches and catalyzes self-belief in creating content as and for one’s self. AWP serves as writing coach, ghostwriter, editor, and any style of communication cheerleader needed to create authentic and compelling content from concept to published to promoted.

I have had the honor of working with 200+ clients individually and in group settings –who were initially reluctant to share personal wisdom and were reticent about writing for themselves.  The Writer’s Support Group for the Reticent Blogger was one of Biznik’s most popular weekly meetups during its existence, and so much writing was done after our weekly circle gathering–and continues!

  • My clients learn how to embrace creative and authentic self-expression.
  • My clients have finished books they had begun 30 years before.
  • My clients have developed books, blogs, and websites from the seed of an idea to a completed project.

My style of mentoring a reticent writer is grounded in positivity, candor, and generosity.

Through the years as a LinkedIn member, I have benefitted from having a business home base on LinkedIn–allowing people to get to know me on their terms. I’ll leverage ProFinder to identify individuals and business owners in need of more vibrant content that showcases their accomplishments and expertise. I’ll use it to expand my network of complementary professionals, get to know them online and offline, to then be a quality referral partner and connect people in need of each others’ services.

I wholeheartedly champion that a business owner first knows they can write for themselves because in my experience–as an avid reader and writer and communications specialist–“authentic self-expression always provokes.”

All the years it took to become a self-employed business owner have been a meaningful journey that I am still on. Every day, I am grateful that I am compensated to do what I love.

The work I do is  my vocation. How may I be of service today?