Social Media & Spelling Don’t Always Play Well

“OMG the girls night out thing was so funnn!!!!!!!!!!!  it tuns out kati made a mistake you actuall were supposed to SLEEPOVER at my house so when I got back mady was rlly sad and now i am too! so yeah that sucks :( (said the 12 year old on Facebook)”

Okay, I have a couple of issues here. I “gotta” speak up and that “slang” was INTENTIONAL.

12 years old and a Facebook Profile already? Yes, I know her mother monitors all her stuff, but I still feel it is rather premature to allow for monitoring by others as well (for marketing purposes…etc.)

Spelling. Grammar. OMG! Is this what writing is regressing to? Are we heading back to a new version of Olde English or are we revisiting phonetics? I know that the misspelling needn’t have happened, and the haste to publish that status update pushed the idea of proofreading right out of the way. Modern technology I love/hate you. Being a Saturn/Uranus kind of person, I would.

Okay, going to stop now because I get to parent my 12 year old as I deem “best” for the time being.

And so she doesn’t get a Facebook page this year. And I will keep encouraging that she consider spelling well important.

And that is what I gots to say about that.

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