When in business for ourselves (or working for another) here is an important truth:

At some point we are all in “sales” so please say YES to being good at it.

Can you say that you like “selling”?  There are many ways to sell without selling. It all begins with being clear about your Vision, Mission, Purpose and preferred methods for sharing your Personal Message.

It will pay you back ten-fold to be skillful and committed to authentic-bold-consistent self-promotion, authentic marketing, honoring and valuing your services and time; and  having true inner confidence to speak of who you are, what you do, and how you do it with authority and confidence.

What do you need support with? 

  • Branded Messaging that reflects You (for your website? blog? printed marketing materials?)
  • Business Development Planning that you WILL implement with heart and enthusiasm?
  • Marketing & Promotion Strategies that reflect your natural ways of promoting?
  • SEO Copywriting & Editorial Development for your online content?
  • Writing & Presentation Coaching toward becoming an Effective Communicator (Written & Spoken)?

The Art and Science of Enrollment and Effective Communication are enthusiastically my lifelong areas of study, experience and expertise. All of life is about ENROLLING someone (be they client, prospect or referral source) to stop, listen, purchase, engage, participate, relate, and the list goes on.

I offer one-on-one personalized consultations, coaching and virtual PR/marketing support designed to help you attract your perfect customers, business partners, or any relationship that is pertinent to your success.

My professional experience includes collectively over 20 years in journalism, publishing, advertising, sales, marketing, event production, enrollment services, professional coaching, and through it all authentic writing.

I take a coaching approach to working with clients to catalyze their creativity and acumen as they learn how also to support themselves. Much like the Peace Corps, I’m here to teach you how to “farm and fish” for yourself, so you CONFIDENTLY can when you need to.

Using seasoned and ever-developing interpersonal skills, active listening, and proactive, timely follow up with a focus on personal integrity and attention to detail, I strive to be an effective communicator/advocate and gracefully build lasting relationships with prospective clients and team members I am working with.

What do I enjoy most? Championing an individual client’s Big Agenda and Business Goals while developing your Authentic Voice in all your Business Communications.

What stops you from saying what you really want to say? About your professional services, your business, your most important creative aspirations?

Need support in finding your Authentic Voice?

I am at your service.







Deborah Drake









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