Message in a Bottle: Keeping the Conversation with Teens Candid

“At the time of this writing, we are experiencing a thirty-year high in teen alcohol and other drug use. Admissions to drug treatment centers have been escalating for years with young adult admissions at scary levels.” (~from the Introduction)

In the name of the well-being of our present youth and future generations, as a mom and contributing author, my prayer and intention is that Message in a Bottle, sparks many, many, many dialogues between parents and kids and those who mentor growing children in anyway.

Questions from Parents About Teen Alcohol and Drug Use To Spark Candor and Cause Wise Choices.

It is not my tendency or policy to use this space as my soapbox, but I am reminded by a close friend that I started this page, to make a difference in the lives of the readers of it.

The writing of this book was an extraordinary process. Jeff Wolfsberg has spent the last 15+ years and his entire professional and adult life championing better dialogue about this important theme. Why? It originates from his own experience of growing up and choices made and illusions shattered and restoring himself..

Oh, that more would transcend the traumas small and large, but traumatic just the same, that come with being born and growing up in a world that isn’t always safe or comforting. To stay engaged and to make it through in one piece is quite the adventure.

My co-author would have us all trust our instincts as we raise our children and not defer to “experts” who suggest scripted answers but offer no accountability after the motivational speech is over. It’s a daily conversation we have for years.

All children are my children on one level. Some children seem more susceptible than others. Consider all kids in our lives and what we could be and say and do for them .

To be ally and collaborator with a generous heart committed to sharing his own teen experience and journey is an honor. Do you learn from your experiences and candidly pass the learning along to the younger ones in your life? This book is intended to assist stuck adults get unstuck and be at ease with telling what is so; that kids choose better for themselves with awareness.

This is a practical book, easy to read and integrate quickly. The format is simple: All the most asked questions of parents and adults presented to and responses that are more than sound-bites.

Real questions from real people and responses from an educator that are candid and intelligent. Be advised: A read of this book may cause you to change your attitudes about what is a better practice with young people. Writing it did cause a shift in my thinking.

Where once I thought one way, now I think differently. I am a better role model for my daughter. And it is more work to be a better role model, but worth it.

This is a practical book, easy to read and integrate quickly. And it may cause you to change your attitudes about what is a better practice with young people. May it works some magic on you.

My own daughter is now 12 and most days gracefully navigating 6th grade. She came to me in 5th grade with this heartfelt concern: She was given the impression by a fellow fifth grader with an older sibling at her future Middle School; that she would be approached in 6th grade, and (even openly) during recess to try drugs.

I said, “This can’t possibly be true, but were it to happen, what would you do?”

She replied, “I’d say no.”

I asked then, “But would you also go and tell a teacher?”

She replied, “Yes, then I would do that.”

I told her two things that day: that she already had a good sense of what to do, and to please always share such experiences with a teacher/adult–as quickly as possible.

They are so young days to be concerned with this at all! We are a funny race…sometimes…and the early loss of innocence strikes me as bittersweet. She can handle it  and I am the one with the tears later when I am alone.

So pardon my gentle rant and sharing, but I am pleased to be associated with a writing and a mission that is about causing transformative conversations on a difficult theme–we all must deal with. I know this book offers ideas and perspectives that could restore an anxious parent’s strength for their child’s benefit.

I am a steward of the young soul that came through me in 2000. She is a grounding force of goodness and my number one priority is to see that she grows to be the healthy and happy woman who creates beauty and community and takes care of the planet she was born on. The way I see it, I am blessed she chose me to be her mom.

As of today, available through:

My humble request, please suggest the book to some one (or three for three is a magic number!) you care about with children or who works with children. The prevalence of alcohol and drugs in the world is unnerving. Candid conversations are important to have earlier all the time, generously so and as many times as is needed.

I AM Steward to a Beautiful Soul who cares about the World we live in and has since she was seven–when she declared her love of history and tracking if the next president would be a Woman or an African-American for the first time. She is clearly “aware” in ways I was not at that age.

As her “mum” it is my most important role to see that she is fully up to the task she is here to take on. As this book’s co-author, I am a woman on a heart-felt mission. Enjoy the read and recommend as often as it makes sense.

Mom and her Muse from Halloween 2006

P.S. And that is as personal as I will get and I thank you for reading this far

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