Light Em if You’ve Got Em

It’s time for me to start decorating for Christmas.  I love Christmas.  Always have.  It would take….oh, how about a Christmas Miracle…to sour me on Christmas.

As a teenager I found a few strings of the giant old fashioned christmas lights and somehow convinced my parents to let me decorate our porch.  I did it every year, sometimes with more lights.

I investigated those plastic shingle anchors when they came out.  I invested in some chaser lights when they were brand new.  And of course I ran every possible combination of extension cords that I could.  And then, when I’m done and it’s completely dark, wander across the street to glance at it and behold my glory.

Some years it looked flat out terrible.  But I had fun.  And I enjoyed taking the dog for walks at night and turning the corner to see our house with the front porch lit up, sometimes with snow to sparkle upon, sometime just light rays caught on my foggy breath.

Later I graduated to being allowed to string lights on the tree.  Since I’m actually headed back to my folks house for Christmas this year, I just might be recruited for that again.

I have not yet personally done the outside lights here in the burbs of Seattle, but this year I will.  Still kind of deciding if the boy and I will go cut down a tree – – we should – – or just go grab a small one at a lot.  We’ll catch a plane on the 20th and return on the 2nd, so I don’t want to go too far overboard on something that we won’t be around to enjoy.  …and I did leave that spot for the tree when I rearranged the living room.

But first and foremost, putting those lights up outside (and not channeling Chevy Chase)!

Scott Bell

Where Do Hummingbees Go For The Winter?

rather than google this and learn about facts, I posit the following:

There is a stronghold above the Columbia River where hummingbees go to nest for the winter.  In this stronghold the hummingbees enjoy nice warm fires and hot coco, they can ski or hot tub, and the spirits flow like sweet nectar.

Some of you will no doubt be asking, “What are hummingbees, Scott?  Don’t you mean hummingbirds?”  To which I can only reply, no, and how does it feel to be so wrong about this?

Some of the hummingbees don warm green puffy vests in the winter, for those rare moments of venturing out of their stronghold.  They find these puffy vests at Eddie Bauer and REI.  And when wearing the puffy vests, the hummingbees fit right in with other hibernating PacNWers.

All of us look forward to the first signs of spring when the hummingbees will emerge from their stronghold, hungry to sting small children and feast upon their tears.  Until then, the winter will be cold and long.

Scott Bell