Thanksgiving Memories: complementary pages to download for your feast

In time for Thanksgiving!

When we stop and think we might notice that Thanksgiving has changed over our lifetimes and the lifetimes of our parents.

Familiar faces that no longer grace our tables, fond family stories of Thanksgivings past, favorite recipes we once shared each year.

As we all gather to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, how about we take the time to stop and remember and preserve memories of Thanksgivings of past years?

Here are complimentary Thanksgiving memory page templates from ready for your download. Pages you can use either stand alone or as part of your Living Legacy LifeBook.

To take advantage of these pages, go to the Downloads page and be guided through a simple process: enter your name and e-mail to be provided complementary access to all the downloads we currently have available.

We would love for you to have them and add them to your collection and capture these irreplaceable stories.

May we all enjoy a truly memorable Thanksgiving.


Giving Thanks

Today has been a beautiful wonderful day.  And it’s that time, sooooo, here are several of the things I am thankful for, in no particular order:

warm dry shelter
food in my belly
family / community
a pleasant relationship with my X
my son
my dogs
The Four Agreements
my clients
the skills I am blessed with and the ability to learn
the lessons of the last year
all this rain
all that sun
the upcoming ski season
being able to sincerely smile at myself in the mirror
sharing sincere and authentic experiences with my people
rediscovering the value of giving
the new friends I’ve made
the longtime friends who have managed to keep in touch with me
And of course, the Tuesday Circle and dear Deborah.

Happy Day of the Turkey!

Scott Bell