Facebook backlash isn’t just about Facebook (but I bet it wishes it was)

This month I’ve read a few articles bashing the facebook IPO.  The most resounding one was: Facebook Ads Aren’t Grabbing Users.

Have you ever clicked on a facebook ad?  Out of interest in a product?

Social media people will (hopefully) tell you that social media is a tough nut to crack.  The best tools are passion and authenticity, which breed consistency.

Facebook ads don’t get clicked on because very few ads of any kind in any medium get “clicked on” anymore.  People are either interested in a product or they aren’t.  TV, Radio, Print, Web.  There’s noise everywhere, and you’re either passionate, authentic, and consistent (and funny helps a lot), or you’re noise.

Part of the facebook backlash was GM pulling their facebook advertising budget the week before the IPO.  This is a big lumbering slow-moving corporation that actually analyzed its facebook ad performance and decided it wasn’t going to make any babies there and pulled right the heck out.

Money doesn’t buy happiness?  Maybe.  But you definitely can’t monetize friendship.  When you do, the friendship goes away.

What does all of this mean for everyone who wishes to advertise on facebook?  Or any other social media FTM (for that matter)?

Bring PASSION, be AUTHENTIC, be CONSISTENT.  And if you’d like to interest me at all, be funny and be quick about it.  And don’t use big words like Deliverables and Strategic Objectives.  Talk normal, folks.  If your service delivers results nobody cares where you came from (if they do care, let them ask).  What I’m noticing more and more, is that the more time and physical space you need to explain to someone why you functionally exist, the less important you are.

….sorry, got off on a rant.  gee, how important am at, clocking in a 327 characters so far.

Consistency is the straw that breaks the camels back.  You can fake passion and authenticity for only so long…then you just get tired of it if your heart isn’t in the game.

Consistency is two fold:  1) Update regularly, and 2) measure your results to give people more of what they want.  If you make money from cats dancing to Katy Perry, post something new about that once a week.  If you make money from your adorable dog, post something new about that every day.  If you make money by writing a regular 3000 essay on being a single dad, do that.

If you do a posting, or a video, or an instagram, or a tweet, only once every so often, you’re not going to benefit a whole lot from social media marketing, because you won’t actually be doing social media marketing.

Facebook ads:  they don’t work because they aren’t authentic.  People who are on facebook are there to interact with their friends.  It’s just like watching TV….you DVR everything because you’re there to experience your shows, not watch commercials.

When your own “commercials” become the reason that people are there, the thing that people are interacting with – – THAT is when you will be effectively using social marketing.

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SIC 2011 (Seattle Interactive Conference)

I was able to attend day two of the Seattle Interactive Conference 2011 today.  Not sure what to expect, I was impressed that there were over 1500 people in attendance.

The panelists and presenters were mostly local entrepreneur’s from the Seattle area which was great.  Although, the topics discussed were almost identical to Enterprise 2.0 conferences in Boston I attended in 2008 and 2009.  In fact, Top 10 Inbound Marketing tactics – deemed as the holy grail were almost the same as the ones shared back then.  I was reminded of the phrase, “everything old is new again.”  Paraphrasing, they are:

  1.  Content is king
  2. Add video content to boost SERP visuals
  3. Build Thought Leadership in your space
  4. Use social networking for personalized rankings
  5. Link building within social networks
  6. Long Tail SEO via Gamification
  7. PR through Social Outreach
  8. Create viral-worthy content
  9. Influence search suggestions through branding
  10. Leverage other Thought Leaders to build content

Not much new here.  And all are still worthy, doable tactics for all size businesses.

On the lighter side, here are some of the buzzwords and references I heard that made me chuckle.

  • The ‘old days‘ and ‘way back in 2007′
  • Overwhelm is the new opportunity
  • Return On Investment (in Social Marketing) is still squishy
  • HTC – ” we are building community around a
    local in field manager, but it is not scalable so we are trying to create a ‘human
    feeling’ community
    (what the h…?)

The coolest part of the day was running into two old colleagues and friends from my
Getty Image days.  Fun to catch up with them.  We laughed a bit about the ‘old
days’ comment, because we worked together from 1998 – 2003 – must be the
‘really old days’ or ‘ancient days’.  As we chatted about the conference, we all agreed that all if it could be summed up  – it all comes down to a real connections and real conversations.  If you can do that in your business, that is the holy grail.

More later.  Off to see Mudhoney at the Showbox.

Joni Kovarik