“Life is an onion and one peels it crying.” French Proverb

“Live est un oignon et un peeling en pleurant.” Proverbe français

“Life is an onion and one peels it crying.” French Proverb

This proverb jumped out at me again today. My onion is definitely peeling! When I am sad, I cry. When I am mad, I cry. When I am lonely, I sometimes cry. When I sense someone else’s dis-ease, I cry. When I am really happy about something, I cry. When I find something really funny, I laugh til I am crying. And sometimes…I don’t know why…but I just cry. It is a good thing that I am living by myself these days, because my onion is definitely peeling.

I used to be so stoic. Iiti did not want to waste time crying. I just did something to get over the sensation and moved away from it. I kept myself busy. I believed that it made me strong! It took a lot to get me to cry…and heaven forbid if someone happened to see me cry! I realize now that I was stuffing a lot inside of me. My onion was growing, and the outer peels got pretty tough.

It took a long time and a lot of self-study to feel OK with shedding a tear or two…or two thousand. I decided that if three-quarters of the world is water, and two-thirds of the human body is water, it is just fine to let go of a bit of mine. A total release occurs: physical, emotional, spiritual. It might not change a situation, but something about my perception of the situation changes. It just makes me feel different. Sometimes that different may only be exhausted and re-eyed, but that’s OK. It leads to a good sleep, and things always seem brighter after a good sleep.

Of course, I still prefer to do my crying alone (or as the old song says “in the rain”) so no one can see. Most of the time I choose an appropriate time and place for it. But I have stopped stuffing it down and keeping it deep and tight inside. Crying is a necessity: a natural part of our development in this life.

I am sure that this time of crying a lot will pass, as I move forward on my path. I also am sure that there will be more times of tears. I am OK with that, and accept it in others. And if the urge to cry is there and the tears just don’t come…I will just peel some onions.

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This blog is a version of a post from August 2011. Venus, retrograde and transiting in all of its glory, is working its magic on me. I am sure that I am not alone, as we are guided to use our emotions, creativity and intuition to release and gently move forward, setting up for a peaceful revolution.

Scary…out of comfort zone…

My philosophy as an educator and parent has always been this: “Don’t be a sage on the stage. Be a guide on the side.”

So now as a writer, author, and educator with my own business, I am in a quandary. My book “The Red Glass Ball” is published and ready to be out there. The hardest part is getting it out there – marketing. How do I get it out there without being full of myself or seeming like I am full of myself? I am a person who does not like to be on the stage. I hang back and think that if someone needs/wants me, they will find me. I can put myself out there in small doses. But with a book published, the knowledge that what I do can help others, and the need to manifest, I have to put myself out there. Eeeewwwwwww! Scary! Totally out of my comfort zone.

Is it possible to be a guide on the stage and a sage on the side? Stay tuned…

The actual hand-held book The Red Glass Ball: Touching Lives Through History is available now in select book stores in the Seattle area and on Amazon. It will be available elsewhere and in other formats soon.

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Take a Flying Leap

The internet was down at the Center earlier this week and I was unable to post this on the actual Leap Day. But you can take a leap day any time!

It is Leap Day today, February 29, 2012. I think that Leap Day should be a holiday. It only happens once every four years and has such significance! It gives us our time back…time that should be ours to use as we choose.

The word leap is a wonderful word that should lead to celebration. At www.thefreedictionary.com three meanings three meanings caught my eye:

1)   to spring or bound upward from

2)   to move quickly or abruptly from one condition or subject to another

3)   to act impulsively

As we continue to move through 2012, there is so much going on. World events, personal experiences, community happenings and the list goes on, swirl around us. Some we see before us in real life; most we see in full view before us as never before on television and computer in as many different versions as we wish to devote time to. I have a vision of a merry-go-round. Sometimes I sit in the middle and watch all going on around me. At other times, I am swirling around on the merry-go-round, as if I have lost all control and am being swept away. It can be intimidating, confusing and down right scary. (Does anyone else get feeling light headed and dizzy these days? Vertigo and anticipation for no apparent reason?)

Now here is where the word leap comes into the picture. Yes the merry-go-round world is moving fast, but I have a choice here. I can sit in the middle to rest. When I am ready, I can take a quantum leap, a leap of faith onto the turning merry-go-round. If Ilook before I leap, it could be a leap forward, not just a leap on the bandwagon, but also a leap of opportunity. I can grow byleaps and bounds. Then when I am ready, I can take a leap of joyback to the middle of the merry-go-round for quiet contemplation until I am ready to leap again.

The hardest part is getting past the intimidation, the confusion, the fear and take that flying leap on or off the spinning merry-go-round of 2012. My advice is to take a leap day to do what is best for you. Leap into something totally different. It does not have to be February 29, but whenever your little old heart desires.

LindaZ  www.intuwriting.com