See, I’m right

This is not a guide to social DIY-ing.  It’s a quick statement.

Late August 2011 I approached some target companies with a proposal to get them up and running with regularly published, internally generated, social content.  I’m going to call it “social content,” because quite frankly, all social content is marketing.

One part of my criteria for targeting a company was that they had to have a physical product: a box on a shelf, a unit in a showroom – – something that their end users could actually touch.

If you would like a very simplified version of my August 2011 proposal, which includes step by step instructions, metrics for ROI, and things like that, shoot me an email and I’ll send it to you. NSA.

Today, I read this article that reinforces my opinions and theories, which I came to after several months of intensive careful research.  Here’s an excerpt (parts of this quotes George Mason U economist Tyler Cowen),

…the Internet is a wonder when it comes to generating “cheap fun.” But because “so many of its products are free,” and because so much of a typical Web company’s work is “performed more or less automatically by the software and the servers,” the online world is rather less impressive when it comes to generating job growth.

It’s telling, in this regard, that the companies most often cited as digital-era successes, Apple and Amazon, both have business models that are firmly rooted in the production and delivery of nonvirtual goods. Apple’s core competency is building better and more beautiful appliances; Amazon’s is delivering everything from appliances to DVDs to diapers more swiftly and cheaply to your door.

By contrast, the more purely digital a company’s product, the fewer jobs it tends to create and the fewer dollars it can earn per user — a reality that journalists have become all too familiar with these last 10 years, and that Facebook’s investors collided with last week. There are exceptions to this rule, but not all that many: even pornography, long one of the Internet’s biggest moneymakers, has become steadily less profitable as amateur sites and videos have proliferated and the “professionals” have lost their monopoly on smut.

The internet is free, and the content is going to be more and more self-generated, and catching eyeballs will require being more and more ENGAGING and AUTHENTIC.  And SHORTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Get to the f-ing point in 10 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!   The more you need to tell me about your product or service, the less I need it!!!!!!!!!!!!  Don’t convince me, I’m already doing that myself!!!!!!!!!

As I sat behind the camera taping a 2 hour ppt presentation given by a 70-year-old retiree a couple weeks ago (to be archived for future use….hahahahaha), my one overwhelming thought was, “If I have to sit through something for 2 hours, it better be Avengers quality.”

AND, this comes back around to my current thoughts on the massive culture shift that we’re going to be experiencing in 5 years, stretching for the next 10-20 years as the boomers retire and transition to those pleasant sunny acres in the sky:

  • Creating online content is not intuitive to most boomers.
  • Creating online content is very intuitive to most gen-y-ers.
  • Gen x is the fulcrum around which these two massive generations will transition during this culture shift.  It’s the generation that will allow relevant knowledge and processes to pivot from the old school boomer way of doing things to the new wave of no-attention-span nu skool gen y way of doing things.
Simple example:  right now I have to explain, to clients of a certain age, how to download email attachments, how to properly extract files from zipped folders, those kinds of things.
Technology may or may not change to simplify this sort of task, but the people who will be doing the task will most certainly be changing.

What are you thoughts on the upcoming culture shift?

What are you doing right now to be engaging, authentic, and are you GETTING TO THE POINT!?!?!?

Some additional food for thought:  right now you can have media content online within a couple hours – – or in most cases a couple minutes – – of creating it.  You can have media content on broadcast channels and publications within about a day of creating it.  As long as you have the money to create and the money to pay for the schedule.  Rapid internal ideation is key key key.

If you would like a very simplified version of my August 2011 proposal, which includes step by step instructions, metrics for ROI, and things like that, shoot me an email and I’ll send it to you. NSA.

btw, just for fun, my favorite campaigns right now are on the radio, and the only product name I’m recalling is Cabot Stain:

Cabot Stain “How did this DIYer turn so pro?”

The hot dog commercial that talks about springtime being adequate grilling weather, and taking off your jacket to: put on a lighter jacket.


Photographer Wanted

Howdy, one of my clients is looking for a photographer.  I know there are a couple in the Circle.

Product will be headshots for the clients website, possibly done on a greenscreen with some imaginary background like a “sunny Seattle day” composited.

Email me your email and a link to your porfolio, I’ll forward you to the client, and they/you will take it from there.  S P A N K S !

Quick Start Video for Blogging on Tuesdays With Deborah

For a detailed explanation and SEO details, please see Stephen’s post here


This is pretty quick and dirty.  Matching quick and dirty text:

1. Google Tuesday’s With Deborah
2. Click it
3. Go to “Register” on the right, and click it
4. Enter what you would like to have for a username, and your email address
5. Click “Register”
6. Go check your email
7. Copy the password in your email, and click the link in your email
8. You’re In!  Change your password if you want, by clicking on your username in the very tiny print in the upper right corner
9. Start blogging by clicking “Posts,” “Add New,” type type type your stuff, fill out whatever SEO you desire, click on the blue “Submit for Review” or “Publish” button on the right side of the screen.

Done.  Like I said, for a detailed explanation that will help you with SEO, view Stephen’s post via the link above.

Practically every site and/or blogging platform that I have seen allows easy posting of video.  This WordPress site does not, at least for me.

Love and Kisses,

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Digital Storytelling Challenge

Specifically for non-profits, with helpful webinars to getcha started.  I wanted to reblog this briefly, particularly for Jane Keuchele and Joni Kovarik.

TechSoup Link

See?  Brief :)

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3 Ways Soloprenuers can SAVE MONEY

Saving money in business is common sense. Depending on the economy, saving money can also equal surviving. Here are three things that ought to be a rehash of common sense.

(editor’s note: saving money does not directly correlate to making money)

It’s the middle of January. This week when I have asked fellow freelancers how business is, the response has been frightening and consistent: “It’s…weird right now.” My answer is the same.

So let’s save some money!

Gas and Toll Roads: Define your “qualified prospects,” and only meet with them face to face when there is going to be a high probability of a return on your investment of time and travel.
• How many of your face to face meetings are with qualified prospects?
• How many of your face to face meetings are not with qualified prospects? Rather, simply introductions?
• How many of those could you easily meet with on the phone, skype, google talk, etc.?

How do you figure this out?
• Create a profile of the people and companies from whom you have generated the most revenue.
• Meet with these prospects face to face. Feel everyone else out.

When a new prospect objects because they’re a good ole boy that has to shake your hand before they can truly know you, invite them to your neck of the woods.

Web Video: Everyone knows web video is the greatest thing since hanger steak with green peppercorn sauce and steamed broccolini. Do you have a smartphone or web cam? Then you can do this yourself, update them regularly, etc. It will help both your pocketbook and your SEO.

Unless you have:
• Several hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket, or
• A fragile ego,
there is no reason to NOT do this yourself. Get over yourself. Have sound. Have picture. It can really be that simple.

Don’t get me wrong, creating one “introduction” or “how to” video that goes everywhere is only going to help you. Regularly adding to your list of videos, basically video blogging, is going to do you a lot more good. Take a risk, you glorious risk taking solopreneur bastard, try doing this yourself.

Like a new member of Deborah Drake’s Blogger Group said, “What’s the worst that could happen?”

(editor’s note: I personally do not video blog….because I already work in video all day long. For me it’s not a distraction or something new and shiny. I do type out a blog, because that is a fun distraction for me.)

Be Consistent: Without consistency, your investment of time and/or money holds no value.
• When you join an organization, association, networking group, BNI, or City Chamber, actually go to the meetings. Get involved. Especially if you’re paying dues!
o Evaluate your memberships: are you getting face time with and/or introductions to qualified prospects? If so, great! If not, why are you there?

• If you’re blogging, video blogging, writing articles, doing any kind of online promotion of yourself, do it regularly. Few things are better for your SEO than creating new content on a regular basis. Few things will waste your time more than creating new content one time or occasionally.

• Get up in the morning, get caffeinated (I really enjoy Kroger drip TM), and get to work, daily.

As a video guy, if you need some help figuring out how to create your own web videos, I’ll be happy to help. If we schedule a time to meet over the phone it’s free. If we have to (cough, er, um, “get” to) shake hands, I’ll charge you (because I’m worth it…or maybe I’m born with it….either way, we’ll make it easy breezy beautiful).

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Tainted Juice,
Whoa, oh, oh, oh
Tainted Juice

At breakfast I feel I’ve got to (beat beat)
Guzzle you, I’ve got to (beat beat)
Swallow you
Even though you’ll likely poison me

The pulp you share
Taints my bowels but I don’t care
I might lose my sight
As I gag and wretch it’s a painful plight

Once I savored you,
Now I’ll vomit you,
This tainted juice I’m drinkin’
Gave me cramps and asphyxiation
Takes my tears my life my livin’

…….Tainted Juice
…….Tainted Juice

(the last time I got to use this was 2002.  Now I’m complete for 10 more years.)

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How to Watch the NH Primary

My favorite responses from Yahoo comments:

Best way to watch the primary is from your garden where you can use all the manure comin your way, or the bathroom when it gets too overpowering and you need to throw up. Why are you even watching it? Get a life!
– David, Stanton CA

Here is how to watch it. DON’T watch it. Go to work. Don’t be a jerk.
– Max, New York NY

How to watch the NH primary? Watch it in the smallest frame of the picture-in-picture so that it does not interfere with the basketball game.
– Jamba

Interesting statistical tidbits:

We have the beautiful right to write in whomever we want for President.  The only reason I’ve watched parts of any debate is to learn more about the candidates.  I honestly don’t care who wins the primaries, because I will vote for whomever I want, not necessarily the lead horse.  So there.  *wags tongue and fingers with thumbs in ears*

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New Year Goal Setting

Topic for about 20 minutes of Tuesday’s group was G O A L  S E T T I N G.  Writing goals down, sharing goals with others, all sorts of things related to the new year and setting goals.  Statistics about going through steps to achieve goals.  Rich people did it a certain way, and they got rich, so it must work.

None of these things to set goals has ever worked for me.  I can write down goals all I want.  I can either put my written-down goal in a box, or I can display it on the ceiling over my bed or on the wall by my desk.  I can plan all I want.  I can share a goal with others (this is usually detrimental for me).

Only one thing has ever worked for me.  Can you guess what it is?

Getting up in the morning and doing the work.

Some people might call this commitment.  Mind you, I’m a terrible one to ask about commitment at this moment in my life.

A political cartoon that I saw on New Year’s Day summed up the relationship between goal setting and commitment quite nicely.  A barking bulldog was jumping at the end of his chain.  His barks were quite loud and noticeable.  There were a lot of words.  However, the dog had no teeth in his mouth.  His gums, chock full of sharp teeth, were on the ground next to him.  Labeled “commitment.”  (I googled this cartoon for 20 minutes but came up empty.)

You can set all the goals you want and make all the plans you want, but unless you’re going to get out of bed and do something about them, they will just be additions to a long list of forgotten resolutions.

The whole conversation of Goal Setting resulted from advice about getting out of your own way to blog.

All you need to do to blog, is start blogging.

You can hire someone to show you how, to set up a blog site, to help you write.  These can all be good and helpful things.  But if you never write anything, if all you do is plan, hire, etc., without writing anything, you’re never going to start blogging.   Nike: just do it.

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Holiday Nostalgia


This gallery contains 15 photos.

Evolution (or de-evolution) of one of the nicest Christmas trees I’ve ever seen.  (thanks to Stephen Magladry for helping me flip images.)  If you’re facebook chums with me, there’s these and a lot more, auto-flipped, there. A couple years ago I … Continue reading

Live from Western Nebraska

I’m going to run out of scheduled posts this Saturday, so I’d better build on that!  Merry Christmas, by the way!

I’m writing this on Wednesday the 21st.  It’s 10am in Gering, NE.  It started snowing around 8:30, very pleasant.  30 degrees but not cold…I was able to leave the gloves in my pockets to walk 3 blocks to a coffee shop with wifi.  Dusting of snow, still falling.  As long as it keeps up we will be able to take Harrison sledding tomorrow!  Northfield Park with Suicide Hill :)   The last time we visited Suicide Hill was probably 4 or 5 years ago.  My youngest sister went flying down and collided with some little kids.  They were totaled.  State Farm said so.

We made a long trip from Denver to Gering.  Stopped in Fort Collins for some awesome burgers and chile beer at….I don’t remember the name of the joint, but it’s been there for years, on the bricks.  Errands were run.  It’s been a long time since I had to run errands with women….I will be foregoing that for the foreseeable future.

We got into Gering around 7:30, had some delightful mexican take-out from Taco de Oro for dinner.  Harrison enjoyed grandpa reading his comic book to him.  Grandpa enjoyed watching Batman team up with Captain Marvel and the rest of the Marvel family.  We all sipped on Chivas and talked til 11:00.

Now the day is live.  And since I found this spot, I’ll keep lining up the scheduled posts.  Even though right next to me there are two terribly religious independent church leaders talking about how to build a church, god, the devil, evils of smart phones, and how the 70’s were a simpler time.  I haven’t caught a stinkeye for my open laptop and iphone yet.

Kisses, People

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