Facebook backlash isn’t just about Facebook (but I bet it wishes it was)

This month I’ve read a few articles bashing the facebook IPO.  The most resounding one was: Facebook Ads Aren’t Grabbing Users.

Have you ever clicked on a facebook ad?  Out of interest in a product?

Social media people will (hopefully) tell you that social media is a tough nut to crack.  The best tools are passion and authenticity, which breed consistency.

Facebook ads don’t get clicked on because very few ads of any kind in any medium get “clicked on” anymore.  People are either interested in a product or they aren’t.  TV, Radio, Print, Web.  There’s noise everywhere, and you’re either passionate, authentic, and consistent (and funny helps a lot), or you’re noise.

Part of the facebook backlash was GM pulling their facebook advertising budget the week before the IPO.  This is a big lumbering slow-moving corporation that actually analyzed its facebook ad performance and decided it wasn’t going to make any babies there and pulled right the heck out.

Money doesn’t buy happiness?  Maybe.  But you definitely can’t monetize friendship.  When you do, the friendship goes away.

What does all of this mean for everyone who wishes to advertise on facebook?  Or any other social media FTM (for that matter)?

Bring PASSION, be AUTHENTIC, be CONSISTENT.  And if you’d like to interest me at all, be funny and be quick about it.  And don’t use big words like Deliverables and Strategic Objectives.  Talk normal, folks.  If your service delivers results nobody cares where you came from (if they do care, let them ask).  What I’m noticing more and more, is that the more time and physical space you need to explain to someone why you functionally exist, the less important you are.

….sorry, got off on a rant.  gee, how important am at, clocking in a 327 characters so far.

Consistency is the straw that breaks the camels back.  You can fake passion and authenticity for only so long…then you just get tired of it if your heart isn’t in the game.

Consistency is two fold:  1) Update regularly, and 2) measure your results to give people more of what they want.  If you make money from cats dancing to Katy Perry, post something new about that once a week.  If you make money from your adorable dog, post something new about that every day.  If you make money by writing a regular 3000 essay on being a single dad, do that.

If you do a posting, or a video, or an instagram, or a tweet, only once every so often, you’re not going to benefit a whole lot from social media marketing, because you won’t actually be doing social media marketing.

Facebook ads:  they don’t work because they aren’t authentic.  People who are on facebook are there to interact with their friends.  It’s just like watching TV….you DVR everything because you’re there to experience your shows, not watch commercials.

When your own “commercials” become the reason that people are there, the thing that people are interacting with – – THAT is when you will be effectively using social marketing.

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Digital Storytelling Challenge

Specifically for non-profits, with helpful webinars to getcha started.  I wanted to reblog this briefly, particularly for Jane Keuchele and Joni Kovarik.

TechSoup Link

See?  Brief :)

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3 Ways Soloprenuers can SAVE MONEY

Saving money in business is common sense. Depending on the economy, saving money can also equal surviving. Here are three things that ought to be a rehash of common sense.

(editor’s note: saving money does not directly correlate to making money)

It’s the middle of January. This week when I have asked fellow freelancers how business is, the response has been frightening and consistent: “It’s…weird right now.” My answer is the same.

So let’s save some money!

Gas and Toll Roads: Define your “qualified prospects,” and only meet with them face to face when there is going to be a high probability of a return on your investment of time and travel.
• How many of your face to face meetings are with qualified prospects?
• How many of your face to face meetings are not with qualified prospects? Rather, simply introductions?
• How many of those could you easily meet with on the phone, skype, google talk, etc.?

How do you figure this out?
• Create a profile of the people and companies from whom you have generated the most revenue.
• Meet with these prospects face to face. Feel everyone else out.

When a new prospect objects because they’re a good ole boy that has to shake your hand before they can truly know you, invite them to your neck of the woods.

Web Video: Everyone knows web video is the greatest thing since hanger steak with green peppercorn sauce and steamed broccolini. Do you have a smartphone or web cam? Then you can do this yourself, update them regularly, etc. It will help both your pocketbook and your SEO.

Unless you have:
• Several hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket, or
• A fragile ego,
there is no reason to NOT do this yourself. Get over yourself. Have sound. Have picture. It can really be that simple.

Don’t get me wrong, creating one “introduction” or “how to” video that goes everywhere is only going to help you. Regularly adding to your list of videos, basically video blogging, is going to do you a lot more good. Take a risk, you glorious risk taking solopreneur bastard, try doing this yourself.

Like a new member of Deborah Drake’s Blogger Group said, “What’s the worst that could happen?”

(editor’s note: I personally do not video blog….because I already work in video all day long. For me it’s not a distraction or something new and shiny. I do type out a blog, because that is a fun distraction for me.)

Be Consistent: Without consistency, your investment of time and/or money holds no value.
• When you join an organization, association, networking group, BNI, or City Chamber, actually go to the meetings. Get involved. Especially if you’re paying dues!
o Evaluate your memberships: are you getting face time with and/or introductions to qualified prospects? If so, great! If not, why are you there?

• If you’re blogging, video blogging, writing articles, doing any kind of online promotion of yourself, do it regularly. Few things are better for your SEO than creating new content on a regular basis. Few things will waste your time more than creating new content one time or occasionally.

• Get up in the morning, get caffeinated (I really enjoy Kroger drip TM), and get to work, daily.

As a video guy, if you need some help figuring out how to create your own web videos, I’ll be happy to help. If we schedule a time to meet over the phone it’s free. If we have to (cough, er, um, “get” to) shake hands, I’ll charge you (because I’m worth it…or maybe I’m born with it….either way, we’ll make it easy breezy beautiful).

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Tainted Juice,
Whoa, oh, oh, oh
Tainted Juice

At breakfast I feel I’ve got to (beat beat)
Guzzle you, I’ve got to (beat beat)
Swallow you
Even though you’ll likely poison me

The pulp you share
Taints my bowels but I don’t care
I might lose my sight
As I gag and wretch it’s a painful plight

Once I savored you,
Now I’ll vomit you,
This tainted juice I’m drinkin’
Gave me cramps and asphyxiation
Takes my tears my life my livin’

…….Tainted Juice
…….Tainted Juice

(the last time I got to use this was 2002.  Now I’m complete for 10 more years.)

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How to Watch the NH Primary

My favorite responses from Yahoo comments:

Best way to watch the primary is from your garden where you can use all the manure comin your way, or the bathroom when it gets too overpowering and you need to throw up. Why are you even watching it? Get a life!
– David, Stanton CA

Here is how to watch it. DON’T watch it. Go to work. Don’t be a jerk.
– Max, New York NY

How to watch the NH primary? Watch it in the smallest frame of the picture-in-picture so that it does not interfere with the basketball game.
– Jamba

Interesting statistical tidbits:

We have the beautiful right to write in whomever we want for President.  The only reason I’ve watched parts of any debate is to learn more about the candidates.  I honestly don’t care who wins the primaries, because I will vote for whomever I want, not necessarily the lead horse.  So there.  *wags tongue and fingers with thumbs in ears*

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Live from Western Nebraska

I’m going to run out of scheduled posts this Saturday, so I’d better build on that!  Merry Christmas, by the way!

I’m writing this on Wednesday the 21st.  It’s 10am in Gering, NE.  It started snowing around 8:30, very pleasant.  30 degrees but not cold…I was able to leave the gloves in my pockets to walk 3 blocks to a coffee shop with wifi.  Dusting of snow, still falling.  As long as it keeps up we will be able to take Harrison sledding tomorrow!  Northfield Park with Suicide Hill :)   The last time we visited Suicide Hill was probably 4 or 5 years ago.  My youngest sister went flying down and collided with some little kids.  They were totaled.  State Farm said so.

We made a long trip from Denver to Gering.  Stopped in Fort Collins for some awesome burgers and chile beer at….I don’t remember the name of the joint, but it’s been there for years, on the bricks.  Errands were run.  It’s been a long time since I had to run errands with women….I will be foregoing that for the foreseeable future.

We got into Gering around 7:30, had some delightful mexican take-out from Taco de Oro for dinner.  Harrison enjoyed grandpa reading his comic book to him.  Grandpa enjoyed watching Batman team up with Captain Marvel and the rest of the Marvel family.  We all sipped on Chivas and talked til 11:00.

Now the day is live.  And since I found this spot, I’ll keep lining up the scheduled posts.  Even though right next to me there are two terribly religious independent church leaders talking about how to build a church, god, the devil, evils of smart phones, and how the 70’s were a simpler time.  I haven’t caught a stinkeye for my open laptop and iphone yet.

Kisses, People

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What Does Your LMS Look Like – part 1

First off, LMS = Learning Management System.  It’s a way for schools, companies, institutions to manage their online classes, courses, training materials.

This is a 2nd version of thoughts I’ve had for this post, because I just read this quick article:  Online Textbooks Aim to Make Science Leap From the Page.

My favorite quote from the article, besides the fact that it’s a digital text book for only $49:

Still, this isn’t your usual technical tome. The pages have some pizazz: they are replete with punchy, interactive electronic features — from dynamic illustrations to short quizzes meant to involve students rather than letting them plod, glassy-eyed, from one section to the next. Audio and video clips are woven into the text.

To relate this directly to video right quick, this is what I mean when I say that video needs to be thought of as just another image rather than some special piece of media.  The technology is, and has been, there, and it’s just going to keep getting easier and cheaper.

During 4th quarter I’ve been developing three clinical training modules for UW’s LMS.  Each module consists of at least four “movies” seperated by quizzes.  I’m building the training with a combination of iTunes (lol away), Final Cut Pro, Motion, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Camtasia, and Prezi.

Gerald Grinter introduced me to Prezi a couple months ago.  Very basically, Prezi is a power point alternative that lets you lay out and display ideas as though you are working on a whiteboard.  I tried it out for 30 days, found it very intuitive and instantly incorporated it into my workflow, and I’ve bought a 1 year subscription to the software.

In any line of work it’s about using the right tool for the job, then using the tool to craft the right product.  (I say this as Gerald’s sites tab is up displaying “Getting the Right Tools for….”)  Prezi instantly fit into my workflow because of the time it shaved off of building animated graphics in After Effects or Motion compositions.

And getting back to the article I mentioned above, Prezi is one way to create pages that “have some pizazz.”

“We want students to measure a chapter not by how much they read, but by how much they learn.”

“This is a world where students have many devices, and they expect to have whatever they need when they need it,” he said. “But no matter what device they go to, the browser is there, and therefore our textbook is there, too.” For offline use, students can download a digital edition to read on a desktop. They can also print copies if they prefer a paper version.

The point of Learning Management Systems is to make learning accessible; to promote learning.

  • If a student learns best by reading a printed book, that method is available
  • If a student learns best by listening and taking notes, that method is available
  • If a student learns best by watching a concept or process become fulfilled before their eyes, that method is available
  • And if a student learns best by do, that method is available through interactivity.
The 2nd part of my LMS blog is going to be more about devices and structure, and it’s a tougher writeup….drafting now, will post when it’s ready.
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PC or Mac? nonquestion

I spent way too much time weighing the options today…PC or Mac?  Mac or PC?  Turns out it doesn’t matter.  Get what does what you need it to do.

stuff 17″ MacBook Pro Dell / Alienware
Already have MS Office 2010 PC…$200 for Mac version x
Already have Final Cut Studio 2007 x
Adobe CS 5.5 will run on both/either….$2600 x x
Webcam standard x x
Standard backlit keyboard x
Graphics Card AMD Radeon Supercharged
Price $2,549 $2,699
Processor 2.4 quad i7 2.4 quad i7
hard drive 750 750

First, that’s a high price to pay for convenience.

Second, Mac wins in my little charade.  I was really gunning for PC.  I honestly weighed so many options so many different times that the chart probably isn’t a perfect representation.  My last attempt was just outfit a Dell PC with as close as possible to the same specs as the Mac.

Question I asked yesterday was, “Why would a video guy consider PC over Mac?”  

  • I do not feel that the Mac towers I’ve used since 2007 have performed as well as PC’s that I have maintained.  Yet they cost a lot more and their specs are crazy high powered.
  • I bought into the concept that Mac is a closed off world.  According to my chart above, that is incorrect.
  • Apple’s focus since the iPod has been gadgets; web appliances.  I’d love to run After Effects and Photoshop on an iPad, but as far as I know, I can’t yet.
  • I have been locked into the idea that I can get a similar PC for a far lower price than a Mac.  Not the case.  Research today, chart above.

So, it looks like when I do consolidate, it will be a Mac.  I can plug ancient Final Cut Pro into a Mac, not a PC.  I can still run MS Office, Adobe CS 5.5, and all my other little software odds and ends on a Mac.

Now, there’s the other question: What if I didn’t have to travel with full video editing capabilities?  I could quite honestly get away with only using my iPhone.  Or my Windows Phone.  Or my Droid.

So for now, stickin’ with what I gots.  Re-evalute when it comes time to make life convenient.

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Year End Tax Incentives

Received this email from Dell yesterday, and it’s quite tempting, particularly after I googled the tax incentive:

I’ve had a new Dell laptop at the top of my mind lately.  Right now my workstations are spread over a Dell running Vista (which works fine), a MacBook Pro from late 2007 (which works fine), and sometimes a Hackintosh (which was kinda passable until June when it barfed).  I’d really like to consolidate all of this into a large high end Dell, keep the Mac running only for old projects, move all new editing needs over to Adobe Premiere.  And if I do it right now, I could depreciate the entire thing.  But it will still be a couple thousand dollars.  Grrr.  For convenience.  Not including the price of migrating software.  The tax part makes it sooo tempting though.  I completely despise taxes.  Completely.  Especially with our current government.  I could turn this into a tear on how I feel no representation.  But that’s not the topic.  The topic is laptops, incentives, and damn, it’s so tempting.

Why would a video person consider moving away from Mac?  Methinks that’s a topic for another post.  More on that tomorrow.  (I can hear the baited breath.)

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Mine goes to 12

One burner on my stove goes up to 12.  It gets really hot and cooks really fast.  It is in fact significantly hotterer than my other burners, which go up to nine.  12 is nuclear.

When I’m boiling water on a schedule, or frying bacon (nature’s meat), and need that extra push over the cliff, I can crank it to 12.

Alt text for the image, e.g. “The Mona Lisa”

Love, Scott Bell
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