TEAM of One

TEAM of OneI was having lunch with a colleague of mine the other day and he asked me how my latest project was going.  After lamenting about how much I have left to accomplish.  I felt compelled to add something that made me feel really strong.  I said, “Never underestimate the power of a great team behind, beside and in front of you.”

As “Father’s Day” has come and gone and I am knee deep into the process of publishing a book based on some of my father’s infinite wisdom he imparted on me when I was young.  I can’t help but think about the day he retired for the last time (and yes, he has retired twice).  I was asked to speak and before I uttered a single word I looked out over the audience and saw the faces of the people my father had touched and those who were with him along the way during this part of his journey.  I’m not sure what possessed me to say this, but as I  thought about him and where I was in life, I said.  “Each of us walks a path that at times that was paved by those who come before us.”

So as I am knee deep into publishing this book I wanted to say “thank you” to everyone who has helped make this dream possible.  Continue reading “TEAM of One” »

What Is Your Elevator Speech?

You are at a networking event (breakfast, Lunch, dinner, trade show, golf tournament or a meeting) and you start talking with someone and they ask you what you do?  What is your answer?

You are calling a great prospect on the phone—trying to set up an appointment—and you finally get them on the line.  What do you say?

You are in an elevator and in walks the prospect you’ve been trying to reach for a year. You have 15 seconds to make an impression. What do you say?

You may ask “What is an elevator speech?”  An elevator speech is a brief description of what you do and who you do it for.  It describes how you offer value, benefit and quality to your customer.

 I call these statements “benefit statements,” for they focus on the benefits you offer your customer, as opposed to focusing on what it is you do.

As an example, a client used to say that she was an interior designer.  Today she says: “I work with people who want to have beautiful homes.”  A CPA client of mine now says:  “I help people keep more of their money by showing them how to pay less in taxes.”   My elevator speech goes like this is: I help companies develop “Top of the Mind” consciousness that keeps them from becoming the “Best Kept Secret in Town”.  Would that be a help to your business?

Write down a list of the BENEFITS that your customers derive from working with you. Then use those words/phrases to create your benefit statement.

Practice, practice and more practice!  Do so until it is a natural thing to say—someone could wake you up in the middle of the night and you would repeat your elevator speech.

Remember that this opening speech is what buys you time and gets the other person to respond to you in a favorable way.  Develop you elevator speech today and you will be getting additional business each and every time someone says “What is it that you do?”

Building Enthusiasm in Tough Times

The key to pulling everything together in tough times is to develop unlimited enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm is the element that inspires us to greater achievement and success.  You can sell your ideas, your products, your services or yourself to others if you approach them enthusiastically.   With enthusiasm you can move the mountains of doubt and negative thinking from your life for good.

Enthusiasm is the second most contagious thing in the world today.  Do you know what the first most contagious thing in the world is today? It is “lack of enthusiasm”

Most people find it is very easy to be enthusiastic when everything is coming up roses.  It is when you have one of those days, when you only open your mouth to change feet, it is difficult to remember you are an enthusiastic person.

Lack of enthusiasm on your part or those around you can affect how everything goes during the day.  Have you ever been really enthusiastic in the morning, but when you got to the office someone was sick, another got a ticket coming to work, another just ached all over?  How did your enthusiasm hold up?  What do you do when you’re surrounded by unenthusiastic people?

The best trigger I have found is putting a red dot on your watch.  The average person looks at their watch a minimum of 30 times per day.  When you look at your watch the red dot will trigger your subconscious tape of enthusiasm and will break through the negative atmosphere.

We use a red dot on your watch because it will remind you:  “I Am a Ball of Fire!!!”

A sure way of maintaining your enthusiasm is to associate with enthusiastic people.  All of us need a support group of one sort or another.  You should have a support group of enthusiastic people.

If you use the “Red Dot” and associate with enthusiastic people you will become enthusiastic and you will build lasting enthusiasm that will carry you through the tough times and magnify the great times.