At the bar…People watching…

Just for the record: This post could be published at any point in time I push the “publish.”

I promised Scott Bell, my co-author I would not post it without some distance between the scene we took in and the publishing of the commentary. Has enough time passed?

(It’s Sunday night, a week before Christmas.) We connected for a holiday beverage at The Crossroads Neighborhood Bar and Grill on a Sunday night as Scott is off to Nebraska as of early this week. He is set to continue his rants and postings, so we won’t miss a bit of his humor and daily gifts will be arriving like secret Santa packages, so I am assured.

Imagine the following:

And just to be clear…I am not on a date with Scott Bell, in fact he is receiving texts from his Lady Friend whom I hope to meet someday. She’s as funny as he is in a direct and sarcastic/satiric way. Can you say paraprosdokain?

Meanwhile, up against the far wall of the bar area here at the “Neighborhood Grill” are three short booths, best for pairs facing each other (or two very slender people per seat) with couples in dialogue.

Couple #1: Well, they were mirroring each other perfectly and are now sitting on the same side of the booth….SCORE eminent suggests Scott. (Men!)

Couple #2:  We can see they are making contact, fondling fingers (Scott says that is clever Deb), and she allowed her phone to be taken from her (by her date) as she texted. Question is, as we observe them checking out the bill, did they split it and is this an equal relationship in all areas.  Five minutes have passed, the bills are gone, and the body language is…..divided yet “smiley.”  He won’t call her.  Unless no other options pop up during Xmas break. (Scott’s take)

Couple #3:  We are “seeing” the thought bubbles: “Thank god the food has arrivved, now we can stop attempting to talk and I can stop avoiding letting the guy touch me while we eat.  I SO should not have worn a white sweater with holes in it.  Maybe after this “cosmo” I’ll let him get as handsy as he wants.”  (And then she ate all but the bread and carbohydrates of the plates she ordered. What is up with that? Why not simply order then a salad?)

So after taking in the three most interesting pairs, we moved on to other possible blog topics…satisfied with our abilities to read body language or at least make up stories of what we thought was happening.

The Game of Observation: It is a thing I do some times to test my skills of observation and imagination as a strategy for keeping my creative writing skills as sharp as possible. Speaking for myself, my ability to vividly capture details has gotten only better and some pretty interesting insights have come my way, as I take in the environs and scenes about me.

Do you ever do this? You might like it and learn something about yourself from it as well. And ultimately at the end of the day our powers of observation will help us in all our relationships, which can be good for business too.

What does your body language say?

Bottomline: Cultivate being aware of what is going on around you and it might not only help you but help your business!

Next theme we may each tackle: What do I do to replace myself? I can’t be everywhere I want to be at the same time.

Sometimes this feels SO true!