Life in the Clouds

I never thought I lived in the clouds. Today, I found out differently.

Some people may be saying, why is Stephen talking about meteorological terms? I’m not. In the world of computers, cloud storage means storing files and information on the internet. What are the benefits, you may ask? Let me tell you what happen to me, today.

My main computer went in for repairs due to a cataclysmic event last week. My laptop fell to the floor and the screen fractured into many pieces. Needless to say, the screen became useless. Today, the crippled machine started its journey towards New York for repair.

In the absence of my machine, i could use my wife’s machine.  That takes care of the hardware; far more valuable is all the data I have accumulated over the years. I could live without all the documents, what about contacts, calendars, and web bookmark. While a could live without them for a short term, having these to refer to over the week could be valuable. How could i make my “temporary” home feel like home?

I started out making a second account on my wife’s machine. That way, I could have my own folders on the hard drive and leave my wife’s folders untouched. But what about the data?

That’s where the cloud, storing data on the internet, came into play. Since the data existed of the net, if was only a matter of copying that information to my temporary home. Within a half hour, I had  nearly fully functional machine. Here is the information I retrieved and where I got it from.

Information Location
Passwords 1Password and Dropbox
Contacts iCloud
Calendars From my local server
Web bookmarks iCloud
Multiple Mail accounts Gmail-iMap, iCloud

That’s a pretty functional machine for so little work! Feel like home. Long live cloudy weather!