Google Yourself?

Figured it’s appropriate, being Tuesday, to report on how this whole November Blogarama has effected my “search.”  Though I may not be a common person, I do have a pretty common name.

Googling “Scott Bell Seattle,” I have 4 of the results on the first page, all in a row, starting 3 down from the top.

Googling “Seattle Video Production,” where I have never made a dent in search, I currently have the last result on the first page.

And lastly, googling “Scott Bell Video” I currently have two results on the first page, starting 3 down from the top.


Like everyone says, regularly updated content makes you findable.  (And Deborah or anyone else will tell you that I’m not even really trying with my SEO settings.)

And as a footnote, my own BLOG has added about 160 views since the start of November.  Only 150 of those are mine, the other 10 are completely organic.  My BLOG is what I toss out to twitter, linkedin, facebook, via

Scott Bell