For Father’s Day.

Jack Reingold

It is a genuine mind-bender to realize that I am older than most of the photos I have of my father.

This photo was taken when he was 36-38 years old sometime around 1952. I may have been two years old when he worked for Bell Telephone labs in New Jersey. Doesn’t he look good? (I wish I looked as good today.)

It has been 20 years since my dad passed away and I still remember my struggle to come up with a gift, some gesture, some way to honor him each Father’s day. What did he need or want? Another tie? Another wallet? Really?

I couldn’t see giving him yet another object that he really did not need in a color he would never have chosen for himself – and then have to thank me for it.

Eventually, I stopped giving him gifts altogether; when I moved away the best he could hope for was a phone call (if I remembered)

I wish I had his LifeBook here to remember and celebrate him this Sunday.

Offers Paul  (