LifeBook thoughts and expanding permutations

There are 76 million baby boomers and another fifty plus million others who could use the Living Legacy LifeBook as a framework for honoring themselves, each other, their roots, futures, and their descendants.

The more I discuss my book and ideas with others the more ideas for application arise. Please add more in your comments below (Thanks)

LifeBook or LifeBooks could be:

  • Part of a welcome packet for an independent living or retirement community.
  • Part of a Pre-burial plan contract purchase (if you are buying a hole that has not been dug, a monument that has not been cut to be erected on a plot you yourself will never really enjoy, have one of these to complete between now and the time you will be using your plot. It also makes for a well-written eulogy…)
  • Home care agencies, instead of watching one more soap opera with their home bound client – they can ask great questions and listen to some truly astounding replies.)
  • Senior downsizing movers and De-clutterers could use this.
  • Senior housing placement agencies can offer this as part of their services.
  • Senior centers could use this as inspiration for activities.
  • Retirement or other financial counselors could offer this to clients as a service.
  • Divorce counselors, attorneys, mediators can offer this to couples in distress to help them clarify their marriages and intentions, conceivably help restore health to damages relations.
  • A gift from:
    • Adult children to their Senior parents which would make visiting their parents much more enjoyable and productive
    • Senior parents to their adult children which would make visits much more enjoyable and productive
  • A gift to:
    • Newlyweds so that they can start their Living Legacies right away, and learn each other[s families early on in their marriage.
    • Oldy-weds (a relationship enhancement tool) who can take their intimacy and compatibility to the next level by sharing their lives in this manner – one tell their stories or bucket list, the other scribes – then switch roles, then discuss between them.
  • A service for religious congregations.
    • Honoring their senior members,
    • younger members, youth groups, can visit and listen and record older members as they retell their stories, share their wisdom.
  • And much more yet to be conceived. 
  • There is even a memory board game in the works… (imagine)

Anything you can do or say that will help me reach 150 million Americans would be deeply appreciated.

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Living Legacy LifeBook – the movie!


    Our Reticent Writers and Bloggers Support Group has been an enormous resource for me this past year. Our support group member Scott Bell produced this excellent video for me; Susan Straub-Martin designed the beautiful covers.

Here is the link to the video.

Living Legacy LifeBook video, six minutes.

Here is the link to the website:

The Living Legacy website

Here are the Living Legacy LifeBook’s high-points:

You can’t take it with you – but you can leave something of abiding value behind, your Living Legacy.  Downsizing your life should not mean you need to garage sale your mind nor compromise your identity. The Living Legacy LifeBook is a simple, easy, do it at your own pace guide that permits adults to:

  • Process a lifetime of memories.
  • Review life accomplishments.
  • Achieve an enhanced sense of self and safeguard identity.
  • Create a memory aid for when remembering becomes a concern.
  • Downsize living quarters and distribute long-held possessions – without losing the memories associated with those possessions.
  • Enhance relationships with those who are closest.
  • Experience and enjoy meaningful, good quality time spent with family and friends.
  • Keep vital life documents close by, readily available for reference.
  • Create a personal Living Legacy, a contribution, a posterity that will last for generations – a true immortality.
  •  And much, much more.

Please send me your feedback, thoughts, networking suggestions, and responses.

Thanks for watching.

Paul Zohav


The Living Legacy LifeBook™ comes out tomorrow!

Living Legacy LifeBook™

Susan designed this cover!

I’ve just published my “Living Legacy LifeBook™ and this is the very first public reveal-ation. It would not have happened without the support of all of you in our Reticent Writers group.
Our very own Susan Straub-Martin designed the cover! I will bring a number of copies to tomorrows meeting to show off. Anyone who wants a signed copy by the author can get one fresh from our home press.
The LifeBook™ is a carefully structured document of documents designed make a real difference in the life of a senior.

The LifeBook™ is a carefully structured document of documents designed make a real difference in the life of a senior.

The book allows elders and seniors to easily:
Process, harvest and reorganize a lifetime of memories.
Review and grow to honor real accomplishments and achievements.
Achieve a new sense of self.
Condense and downsize living circumstances so that memories associated with belongings may easily be transported to new living quarters.
Serve as a living resource for: family visits, family history recording, inter-generational life sharing, gatherings and celebrations, and aid for weakening memory and recall, become a living legacy & posterity for family and scholars for generations to come.

How to Lose 2,000 Pounds

“How to lose 2,000 pounds,” the title of a presentation I just attended by Katie Munoz founder of “Moving Forward, Inc.”   She is all about making moving on with your life easier. We met with about twenty seniors at the Fairwinds community of Brittany Park in Woodinville Washington.   Twenty people that were enjoying their retirement in the resort like style… but not without having first to deal with downsizing from a lifetime of collecting.

When downsizing day comes, the question becomes “How?”

As we move forward with our lives, we may need to lighten the load a bit, say by about 2,000 pounds.  For example at the Brittany Park community, life is centered around the concept of being active and most importantly social and not tied down by our lifetime of collecting.  Imagine yourself in a  new, high end apartment along with a world of on-site amenities.  How much of your “stuff” do you really need?  That’s where Katie comes in to turn that “How” into an “Easily Done!”

Katie’s magic is working one on one with you to carefully go over, through and into your treasures, piece by piece,  helping  you decide which items to keep to furnish a new apartment and make it feel like good old warm cozy ‘ home sweet home.’ She and her “Moving Forward” team use tested methods that help not only with the physical process but just as importantly the emotional challenges.  Challenges made all the easier when the goal is to become part of a a community like Fairwinds ‘Brittany Park’ with its fine restaurant dining, fitness programs, trained instructors and let’s not forget world travel programs with Twist Travel.

For my part, once Katie has you settled in your new leisure care life style, I take on the task of guiding you through the sale of your now empty home, the shell you’ve shed to move forward.  The goal can become turning that “shell” into some cash to help, if you should choose, with future travel plans. 

 I can show you a little bit of my own magic and how easy it is,to accomplish just that.

If downsizing is in your future or in that of a loved one, someone like Katie can ”get it done” with ease and a leisure care community like Brittany Park can make for a special new home. When your choice is to sell your no longer suitable “shell,” I in a professional, straight forward mannor can turn that treasured shell into a future of  freedom with many exciting choices.  Its not really magic.  Its just knowing the right people to turn to, that can move you forward with ease.

 Mark Behringer        “Where you live is just as important as what you live in”

What Now Baby Boomers?

Being a part of such a huge demographic known as Baby Boomers, I’ve always felt that whatever I needed would appear. After all, this generation has carried so much consumer weight, that we demanded we were given.

There were too many of us not to be taken very seriously. Our parents felt differently. They lived through the Depression and World War II which deeply affected how they viewed the world and themselves. They were happy and grateful for whatever they got. Our world was one of abundance. Our parents wanted us to have more than they had and worked hard to see that we got it.

Now we’re reaching, or already have, another milestone. It’s name? Retirement. For Baby Boomers, this word has a whole different definition than any other generation ever has. We look and act younger than our parents did at the same age. We’re healthier and in many cases starting new careers

As an interior designer and Interior Environment Coach, I concentrate on how our home affects the way we live. New words have entered our vocabulary: empty nest, adult children still at home, widowhood, three generations under one roof, combining families, downsizing, aging-in-place. There are other situations that can occur at this time in our lives that directly affect how well we live in our home.

We want to continue to live a vibrant, exciting life. We want our home to support us and give us what we now need at this time in our lives.

At the end of the day, we have to ask if our home still “fits” us.