Who needs a Professional Profile?

Deborah Drake and Don Burrows invite us to Burn Resumes and create Professional Profiles. After Deborah’s exuberant post, it didn’t take long for me to identify three friends whose life circumstances might make them interested in this, if they only knew about it. So I passed the word.

One is a gifted pre-school teacher in an industry that has no job security. She is a wise woman and a gifted teacher, and I can imagine that her Professional Profile could establish her as the “must have” teacher / leader in a pre-school.

One is a young man in community college whose life story and wealth of job and volunteer experience make him unique…. and cookie cutter education and career paths will probably not liberate his authentic gifts into the world.

One is a middle aged software professional in an industry that has no job security. (Detecting a pattern in the world?) He is wise and experienced and I can imagine that a professional profile could establish him as the must-have employee or contractor or advisor.

I also invited them to check out Tuesdays with Deborah, because I believe a writing practice discovered in this space….. in real life and online…. would help them discover what is authentic and life giving in their lives and therefore in the world. And perhaps help them to build up that professional profile. Deborah herself benefits from the process that she created.

It may take a while for those planted seeds to grow, but good things can happen.

It Takes a Village to do Things “Write”

Dear Reader,

I post this letter of gratitude authored first by Don Burrows, my co-author and mentor extraordinaire. 

If I smoked, I would be lighting up a fine cigar to celebrate the birth of Burn Your Résumé! You Need a Professional Profile™ written and published in collaboration with my co-author, writer, editor and blogger Deborah Drake (www.AuthenticWritingProvokes.com).

Were you holding the book in your hands (which we certainly hope you will shortly be doing!) you’d see a starburst on the cover that says “REAL COVER LETTERS and REAL RÉSUMÉS of REAL PEOPLE that got them REAL RESULTS.”

In a flash of inspiration, Deb came up with the book’s subtitle: “Winning the Inner and Outer Game of Finding Work or New Business.” 

CONTENT (cover letters and Profiles) is the framework of winning the Outer Game. I’ll teach you that.

CHARACTER, CONFIDENCE and COURAGE (maintaining your resiliency, your self-esteem and your authentic self from the start of your search for work or new clients to the first day on the job) is the foundation of winning the Inner Game.  Deb will teach you that.

Blending our expertise, we have done our best to tell you WHAT to do and also provide examples / blueprints of HOW to do it.

A lot of real people contributed to this book by accepting our invitation to become guinea pigs. They gave us their old résumés and cover letters and then helped us refine and validate the Professional Profile™ process by working it from start to finish. Some of these folks are employees and others are solopreneurs. Some read the book and created their own material; others received varying degrees of our input. We are grateful to every one of you.  Our thanks to Marie Baptiste, Greg Pease, Kyle Margolies, Billy Duke, Aaron Urban, Eric Castaneda, Scott Bell, Gerald Grinter, Susan Straub-Martin, JonScott Williams and Taye Cook, Jennifer Haga and Chris Burrows.

And besides those whose Profiles appear in the book, others have contributed with testimonials, referrals, encouragement and material for use on our website – Mike Margolies, Brent Ward, Leona Rehm, Lourdes Sampera-Tsukada, John Webb, Jason Adolf, Rachel Braynin, Stephen Magladry and of course our cover designer Jon Knight (www.soundpnp.com)

Deb and I are just beginning an organic, grass-roots campaign to tell people about the book and its focus on what people have ACCOMPLISHED and the SKILLS they have used in the process. In addition to job seekers and solopreneurs, we are certain it will be helpful to career coaches for themselves and their clients, military transitioning back to civilian status, Boomers in transition, and new graduates looking for their first job.

Burn Your Résumé! You Need a Professional Profile is  now available on Amazon, and there you can read more about the book and they will shortly have contents to sample. Were you inclined to take a moment and write an Amazon review, we thank you in advance.

Donald M. Burrows, Career Specialist & Resume Strategist

With deep gratitude for everyone that brought this Labor of Love and Business Book to life I second all that Don writes. It takes a lot of energy to write and produce a book. And to then take on publishing it yourself! Don’t think we can count and catalog the hours spent doing something or other for this work, not to mention the last weeks of production and pages proofed as pdfs and on paper.

To write is one thing. To publish is another. To promote what you publish then becomes the journey you may look forward to or dread. I look forward to it! I’m going to make if FUN.

If you have a book in you, get a team, rally for support, keep going and ask for help when you need it. The late hours, the moments of WTF…ALL worth it when that first bound proof arrives at 7pm (if you are a residential address…LOL)

We will have a book release party formally in due time. For now we organize and gently move about the room sharing our “fatigued joy and gratitude for all those who played a part in this process.”

We couldn’t have done it without each and everyone of you!

Deborah Drake – Authentic Writing Provokes.



How do I discover a name for a new blog?

Grateful for the space here that Deborah Drake has provided for not-so-reticent bloggers, I have drafted enough posts to have the confidence to think about launching my new blog on “a subject that is near and dear to my heart.” Which has become “a subject that I know something about.” The general topic area is “what the long term care experience is supposed to be like, vs. what many people are experiencing and putting up with.”

I do not claim to be “an expert.”

I am not a medical professional.

I am not a legal professional.

I am a loving friend and family member, an informed and caring citizen and consumer.

I like facts. I like objective information. I like informed opinions and well-developed arguments. But my heart is pretty loud, too, and will not be silenced and kept out of communication.

I am grateful for the ways my life has been enriched by being present with people whose lives have part of this landscape, either for a short while, or a long while.

I am a little outraged. I am a bit sad. I am hopeful. I believe that the energy and attention that has benefited rights in other arenas will benefit our beloved elders and disabled in long term care.

I wonder what would be an authentic and appropriate name for the blog that contains “that” voice? I will continue to ponder. Thoughts are welcome, even if those thoughts do not “sound like” a blog name.

Not every one of my posts in this space is on that topic. There were a couple other pieces of writing “I had to do,” and I published them here. When I am “blocked” by a little annoyance or outrage or sadness on any topic, … throwing it onto paper seems to get me unblocked. You may know the feeling. Thank you for reading.

Note: I return to this post to add that the March 6 session of Tuesdays with Deborah helps me toward an answer. I am grateful to all who were there.

Winter Break: Denver Bound

I’m feeling tonight much like I did the time I took a trip to Scotland BUT I am only flying to Denver, CO with daughter for Winter Break to spend time with a longtime friend.

So what is up as I pack and prep and organize things I want to take as I leave behind a neat house to return to? What gives?

We aren’t going far BUT to travel these days is far more effort than my international travel was in 1997. That is a fact but it need not stop one. I won’t blame it on 9/11 or being a “mom” to a younger child who is now easier to travel with. Nor will I say it was because I couldn’t afford it.

It wasn’t like we didn’t travel at all. We’ve gone to Disneyland for birthday #5, grandparents for Summer vacations and I had a few business trips to the Bay Area.

Quite simply as I prepare for “leaving on a jet plane” at a crazy 7:35am on Sunday morning with carry-ons and daughter buzzing with excitement, I know why my travel adventures didn’t take priority: I didn’t want them as much as other things.

Paris here we come!

Things are about to change and travel is in the air. Happy Trails!

Dog Eat Dog or Miracle on 34th Street?

This week, I ran into someone. His attitude made it hard to work with him. Working with him got me riled up. He hit one of my soft spots, fairness. I felt unfairly treated by him.

I talked to Deborah about it and she put a good frame of reference on it. I’ll call it The Miracle on 34th Street attitude. Through the good will of Santa, Macy’s generated more business.

In retrospect the first person had a dog eat dog attitude and seemed unwilling to help anyone. Is it any wonder the person made me feel uncomfortable.

You know, I can gladly say that I share a  belief closely matching  Deborah’s belief,  practice good will, and business will follow.

Question: Do you feel you more closely resemble The Miracle on 34th Street attitude, or the Dog Eat Dog attitude?

The Minimalist Strikes Again

What one hundred word essay will come to mind today? I don’t know. Let’s see.

Shut up and just write.

A shout out to the lovely and talented Deborah Drake, the blessed instigator and protagonist for this project. When she started her writer’s support group for reticent bloggers, I was right there the first day, to support her and announce my belligerence toward blogging. One and a half years later, I am still a belligerent, grumpy old man (envision Oscar the Grouch meets The Grinch) about blogging.

Nevertheless, when the gauntlet was dropped, I got suckered in. I love a good challenge.

Do I dare say this post was written the night before (over-achiever me) and it exceeds one hundred and thirty-six words. Damn! If I can do it, YOU can too.

ciao, Pete