Step 3, Stephen

Last week I attended a conference. Like many day long conferences, it began with a keynote speaker, was filled with small hour long workshops on various topics, and concluded with a celebration.  This conference was put on by the Northwest Development Officers Association, a Greater Seattle area organization that does an outstanding job of providing continuing education for those of us in the fundraising profession.

I sat in on a discussion about social media by Dave Sharp, of the College Success Foundation,  who said that he was not a social media expert but rather a social media learner, just like all the rest of us.  It was refreshing to find someone who acknowledges that we are all learners, especially in a medium that is so new and so fast moving. Nobody is an expert. Non the less, there are a host of confusing aspects of this new way of marketing your business, for profit or nonprofit, that I find myself scrambling to keep up and to understand.

Five days later, on Tuesday of this week, I attended the weekly blogger support group founded and moderated by Deborah Drake. Sometimes our conversations are very philosophical, sometimes they are interventions for reticent bloggers, and sometimes they are very practical. This past Tuesday was one of those practical conversations. I have notes about lots of websites, terms and applications to explore. It will take a long time to digest and apply all that I learned. Today I took the first step.

One note I wrote was, “Step 3, Stephen.” Exploring the posts on Tuesdays WIth Deborah, I finally found the post called “Getting Started With Tuesdays With Deborah” that Stephen Magladry posted. I guess I’d missed it earlier or wasn’t at a point where I could use it. All these terms that had been so mysterious to me now started to come into focus: SEO, tags, meta description, meta robot tags, incoming autolink anchors, autolink exclusion, more link text, etc. So I’ve now taken the time to go back and update all my earlier posts, adding a meta description, incoming autolink WordPress, and appropriate tags.

Of course I want to be found on the web. Of course I hope all this work will bring in more business. But mostly I want people to read what I write. I think I have something worth saying. How many times have we heard, “If I put it out there who will read it”? Hopefully following Stephen’s Step 3 will help people find what I write and engage in conversation about what I have to say.