…but, this is a Love story

I recently sold a condo to a couple, their first home together but, this is a love story.

A true story that got this old dried out sales guy, to well, get all sort of warm and gooey. Kind of resorted my faith in the younger generation, in right wins over wrong and in, yes love.

My buyers were young newlyweds. Not only that but both were foreign born coming from different parts of the old Soviet Union. Both after finishing old world “University” training, had decided to leave the security of their families and move solo to Seattle hoping for the promise of a better life with more opportunity.  Not so very different than many others before them, like my own Pappa who made the trip when only 17.

Traveling so, halfway around the world, they found each other in the very strangely different and wonderful world of Seattle at a coffee bar. Sometimes we locals forget just how lucky we have it and need a fresh view from another’s prospective. A view full of awe and wonder. The same is true of love, after all this is a love story. Continue reading “…but, this is a Love story” »

Christmas Lights!

Each year I look forward to the Christmas lights.  I like to drive around observing how people have decorated their homes and their yards.  I’ve really enjoyed the experience each year.  I believe that I’ve probably become a little bit jaded by seeing some of the homes that are set to music on the Internet.  You can see dancing lights that go completely around the houses and throughout the yards.  They’re beautiful, yet I feel that we are becoming so commercial that it’s losing its impact and beauty.

I was driving home yesterday evening when around the corner comes a bicyclist completely decorated with Christmas lights.  Wow.  It was awesome!  The wheels had lights.  The frame had lights.  His body had lights.  His helmet had lights.  I stopped the car, rolled down the window, yelled out “Merry Christmas” and gave him a thumbs up.  It is restored the beauty of Christmas lights in my mind.

Whoever you are, thank you!

PS I found a news video of him!  Excuse the ads from King 5 and just Enjoy: