Benefit of bloggers’ group session

We discussed how to focus blog posts from the point of view of readers who come to “the web” with a question in mind – with search terms for a search engine. We want our blogs to be found by people who have….. what questions in mind?

I am trying to discover a name for my emerging blog, as described in a previous post.

After yesterday’s session (Tuesdays with Deborah on March 6, 2012) I realize I want my blog to be found by people with these questions in mind:

How can you evaluate the quality of senior living options?

Is there anything like Consumer Reports for senior living?

How do you know if your loved one’s senior living is actually any good?

What can I learn about [this event] that happened in senior living?

Are there any independent ratings of senior living?

How do residents and family advocate for quality service and quality care in senior living?

Now repeat those questions, substituting other words for “senior living.” Those other words would be nursing home, skilled nursing facility, assisted living, veterans’ home continuing care retirement community, and adult family home, because those are the terms used in Washington State.

Now I will ponder what those questions “in people’s minds” would sound like in SEO search terms.