The Death of Cave Drawings

Seemingly with every new day there is a new device to “help” us communicate verbally or in text, even as the line between the two forms grows ever more blurred.  My caveman nature harkens back to the good old days.

Witnessing the death of typewriters, rotary dial phones and the like, I wonder what it must have been like at the very first upgrade…… 

We find a young Tor working at the cave wall, Professor Gruck, standing near holding a fire torch.

“Professor, how do you spell “antelope” in profile? Is it with two legs or four?” “If it’s a deer that I saw yesterday and not one I hope to see tomorrow, do I tint it in blue or red?  And is it grammatically correct to make the stick figure hunter, bigger than the antelope? Oh no, that should have been a double hand space, not an arm’s length!  Now it’s all messed up!  I am sorry Sir.  May I start over in another cave?”

“Well son, don’t be so hard on yourself. I’ve heard that the Grand Club Master Jobbo over at the ‘Apple Tree’ is working on a completely new way of expression.”  Tor was all ears for he knew there had to be a better way, after all he was running out of caves.

“Professor Gruck, tell me what is it or is it still in Beta testing?”  “Tor you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.  With this new device you won’t need a cave. You won’t need plant dyes. You won’t even need a fire torch.” It’s so advanced our apple gathering clan will be the leaders of the whole caveman tech world.”

“What is it Sir tell me please. I must know.” “Well if you wish. Meet me down at the “Apple Tree” tonight at midnight, so that we’ll be first in line to see the morning’s grand unveiling.” And so it came to be. Grand Club Master, Jobbo stood before the masses at sunrise and held before the waiting clan the visionary “S-pad.”

For that’s what Jobbo called it. It was indeed revolutionary.  A stone tablet that you could carry freely with you everywhere, as long as you could lift it. (Later advancements would make it lighter, more user friendly for the less strong techy masses) With just a simple swing of an ordinary caveman club, marks could be made on its surface.  It was way ahead of its time.  Another thousand years of development would be needed to decode the club marks into a useable language but, everyone in the clan thought the S-pad was just way cool. The way of the future. No one was sure where it would led but, saw its potential. They just had to have one. 

All cave drawing soon would quickly die out as being old fashion technology, left only to legend and the memories of the clad elders, of a not so distant past…. Much like the legends of typewriters and rotary dial phones of our yesterdays are but memories of a bygone time. The S-pad’s time had come.

Mark Behringer






PC or Mac? nonquestion

I spent way too much time weighing the options today…PC or Mac?  Mac or PC?  Turns out it doesn’t matter.  Get what does what you need it to do.

stuff 17″ MacBook Pro Dell / Alienware
Already have MS Office 2010 PC…$200 for Mac version x
Already have Final Cut Studio 2007 x
Adobe CS 5.5 will run on both/either….$2600 x x
Webcam standard x x
Standard backlit keyboard x
Graphics Card AMD Radeon Supercharged
Price $2,549 $2,699
Processor 2.4 quad i7 2.4 quad i7
hard drive 750 750

First, that’s a high price to pay for convenience.

Second, Mac wins in my little charade.  I was really gunning for PC.  I honestly weighed so many options so many different times that the chart probably isn’t a perfect representation.  My last attempt was just outfit a Dell PC with as close as possible to the same specs as the Mac.

Question I asked yesterday was, “Why would a video guy consider PC over Mac?”  

  • I do not feel that the Mac towers I’ve used since 2007 have performed as well as PC’s that I have maintained.  Yet they cost a lot more and their specs are crazy high powered.
  • I bought into the concept that Mac is a closed off world.  According to my chart above, that is incorrect.
  • Apple’s focus since the iPod has been gadgets; web appliances.  I’d love to run After Effects and Photoshop on an iPad, but as far as I know, I can’t yet.
  • I have been locked into the idea that I can get a similar PC for a far lower price than a Mac.  Not the case.  Research today, chart above.

So, it looks like when I do consolidate, it will be a Mac.  I can plug ancient Final Cut Pro into a Mac, not a PC.  I can still run MS Office, Adobe CS 5.5, and all my other little software odds and ends on a Mac.

Now, there’s the other question: What if I didn’t have to travel with full video editing capabilities?  I could quite honestly get away with only using my iPhone.  Or my Windows Phone.  Or my Droid.

So for now, stickin’ with what I gots.  Re-evalute when it comes time to make life convenient.

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Year End Tax Incentives

Received this email from Dell yesterday, and it’s quite tempting, particularly after I googled the tax incentive:

I’ve had a new Dell laptop at the top of my mind lately.  Right now my workstations are spread over a Dell running Vista (which works fine), a MacBook Pro from late 2007 (which works fine), and sometimes a Hackintosh (which was kinda passable until June when it barfed).  I’d really like to consolidate all of this into a large high end Dell, keep the Mac running only for old projects, move all new editing needs over to Adobe Premiere.  And if I do it right now, I could depreciate the entire thing.  But it will still be a couple thousand dollars.  Grrr.  For convenience.  Not including the price of migrating software.  The tax part makes it sooo tempting though.  I completely despise taxes.  Completely.  Especially with our current government.  I could turn this into a tear on how I feel no representation.  But that’s not the topic.  The topic is laptops, incentives, and damn, it’s so tempting.

Why would a video person consider moving away from Mac?  Methinks that’s a topic for another post.  More on that tomorrow.  (I can hear the baited breath.)

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