At Mid-marriage? Opportunity knocking!

You’ve been married for a while, you awake one morning, look over at the other side of the bed and begin to wonder, “Who is that?”

This is a pretty good indication that the two of you have reached “mid-marriage,” the curtain is ready to rise on the next act in your relationship.

If you were to take a marriage and family inventory you would notice that children are mostly grown and flown, the sacrifices you are making on behalf of family and career are growing less valid, and you are seeing renewed availability of time and money to spend on yourselves and on each other.

You have something else as well.

You have an extraordinary opportunity to recreate your marriage and lay a new foundation for the next stage of your relationship.

Mid-marriage is the ideal time to take a moment to:

  • Take a look back at who you have been for each other
  • Acknowledge your achievements
  • Hold a party to celebrate accomplishments
  • Close the book on the past and go on to
  • Lay a new foundation for the next decades of your lives (together or perhaps apart)

Relationship Literacy counseling will support you help you do all of this, and more.

What do you ant, who do you wish to be over the next 20 years of your life?



When you run out of yourself don’t give up, add people

What there is to get is that you are who you are and you are who you are not, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Like most people, you know something about your strengths and weaknesses; you know how the real world works and where it doesn’t, but you still want to get things done and fulfill lifelong dreams.

The question is: How do you accomplish that which you want for yourself and your life while at the same time being aware of who you are – and who you are not?

The short answer is: When you run out of yourself, don’t give up, add people.

With more people in your life you will be able to achieve what you want for yourself and your life; by allowing people into your dreams and allowing others to add you to their dreams, everybody wins. You and they, will be able to accomplish together what you could not accomplish as individuals.

For example, you can read in Steve Jobs biography how two friends, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, started Apple computers together. Steve Wozniak was a fairly shy and introverted electronics genius with little vision for product development. Steve Jobs, who was by comparison a medium weight engineer with personality issues, had a vision for marketing and product design.

Together, the two of them blended their strengths and weaknesses, added others who had financial, manufacturing, and marketing strengths, and built a world-class company that is still influencing our planet today.

Now, neither you nor I may have the same set of strengths and weaknesses they did, and we may never generate quite the same impact, but we might – if we work together.

The lesson is the clear: when you run out of yourself, you don’t give up; you add more people.

From Moses to Mandela, anybody who became anybody all had a team of people around them. It is just how the world works. None of us are alone nor can we expect to accomplish our dreams solely by ourselves.

So what are you up to, what are your strengths and weaknesses, and who will you need next to you as you fulfill your dreams, wishes, and desires?

When you run out of yourself, don’t give up, just add people.