Take the Monthly Challenge

An Invitation from Deborah Drake, Founding Editor of TwD and Facilitator of the Weekly Writer’s Support Circle

Why partake of this challenge, says the writing and marketing coach that I am who LOVES Tuesdays meetings?

1. A Writing Practice builds confidence and enthusiasm, as it stretches us to discover our voice and tone and areas of resistance and joy. (What about the days we are resistant?)

2. Community! You’ve got community here and if you need support and a gentle or not so gentle kick in the pants, I promise you will get it from me or one of many others also in the game to write a little each and everyday.

3. Consistent activity in the name of clarifying your message will yield clarity. How could it not? To take on writing “daily” to get your message out of your head and onto this virtual canvas will provide opportunities for you to get clear, figure out what you want to be saying both online and off.

4. Each Tuesday in the month of the current Writing Challenge will be devoted to sharing the experiences we have of writing weekly (as we choose to commit) and sharing and celebrating the ups and downs. Can’t attend in person? Please keep us in the loop here on the community blogsite –but make the Tuesdays that you can for face to face is extra special this month.

5. Play with us for a month then celebrate with us as we gather to read our favorite pieces and receive acknowledgement. Writing witnessed is a beautiful thing that helps both reader and audience.

Are we clear? Here is hoping so. Truly.

If you are with us, let us know by pledging your fidelity to the program in the comments. Let us know what we can do to support you specifically.


Happy Blogging!

Deborah Drake – Authentic Writing Provokes

3 thoughts on “Take the Monthly Challenge

  1. I left my “Christmas Spirit” blog on the “comments” page. Jumped the gun? Maybe,
    I’ve been a “closet” writer, far too long, and now, I’ll post my blogs anywhere…lol!
    It’s a personal goal of mine to write a novel, and your inspiration and lessons, may be just the catalyst, to kick me out of broom storage. Thanks, Debbie! C-ya on FB.

  2. I clicked on the “Take the Monthly Challenge” tab, expecting it to lead to some information about what this month’s challenge is. I think I read “somewhere” a list of questions for February, but I can’t find it now. Thanks for the great site and experience. A pointer to the February challenge(s) would be appreciated. Cheers.

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