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This blog is dedicated to all of you, the contributors, who have so faithfully attended the weekly Writer’s Group for Reticent Bloggers and continue to do so. Or perhaps you are new and coming for the first time and we will meet you soon.

More than once it was suggested and requested that we have a shared blog and there was talk of how best to create that. This blog serves as our choice and there are but a few simple rules of engagement and how to get started in the dialogue. It is my intention to Keep Things Simple! Hope I succeed.

What can you do here on this community blog project? Post your own and comment on those who post here…let the adventure begin and enjoy yourself. Be yourself!

Care to comment but not post? Go for it and know your meaningful comments are appreciated.

Want to post an article you wrote first for your own blogsite or another online community, care to reprint part or all of here and get us interested in what else you are crafting at your blog?

1. First you will need to register yourself and create a user ID and password that launches you as a “Contributor.”

2. After you post your first piece, your post will be published and thereafter you will be made an “Editor” and your posts will automatically publish without moderation. It is recommended that you select 3-6 tags at most. 

3.  Subscribe to receive alerts on new posts. Comment and enjoy the dialogue we co-create. Visit often. Get to know your fellow members on a quest to be read and celebrated and communicate what matters to you and help your business and the businesses of others.

4. The development of Categories is going to be allowed to come somewhat organically for now! Your post tags will help guide us to Categories that make sense.

5. IMPORTANT: Make sure you Add New Posts, and do fill in the SEO Title and Description, and Tags if you want a better chance of being found. I’d suggest also tagging yourself with your name

Go-givers Write On!


13 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. Finally, I have found you! Man, Google is a lifesaver. Now I just have to register and I can begin propounding on computers, er.. Magic Boxes!
    Register, register, where is is that darn button…

    Thanks Deborah and Andre!

  2. I finally became a user. Yay. Now I have to figure out how to bring content. I am happy to see the bloggers posts in one place. Thanks.

  3. Hi Deborah… I’m still having problems posting on the blog…not commenting, but on the blog. I think I am overthinking it…it’s probably very simple…but I’m not getting it… could it be the blonde hair?… maybe. maybe not.
    Thanks, Kelly

  4. Under “Notes”
    Get the Spirit….
    by Peg Moore on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at 6:56am

    The Christmas Spirit

    Posted: 12/6/2011 – 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] – 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

    Category: Personal Journal

    Christmas when I was a child, was, simply put…MAGICAL. I had the kind of Dad, who went all-out. Starting right after Thanksgiving, he would make the preparations for a season, which could only be described as “JOYFUL”. And my mother, would pull out all of her holiday finery, from clothing, to decorations, to cook-books galore. The anticipation, from my sibling’s and I, grew exponentially with every passing day. One never heard, in those days, of the “spectacular sales”, because television, wasn’t in every home at that time. Fortunate, were the few, who did have one. Instead, we learned about the “real” reason for the season.

    We went to church, like most folks in those days, every Sunday morning. NO excuses. You had to be on your deathbed, to miss a service in my house. But we didn’t mind! Our parents didn’t make it a chore. They made spirituality fun. Something we wanted. We were taught the Lord’s Prayer, from the time we were old enough to talk. And it was an accomplishment, to be able to recite it, all by yourself. And so neat to listen to the “and God Bless so-and-so’s” at the end. (if you were mentioned more than once, you felt REALLY special!)

    All thru December, my parents spent time with us, decorating the house, baking cookies, reading stories (from the Bible, and the Classic’s), helping us to make our “list”, and going to church. Yes, they did tell us there was a Santa Clause. But, there seemed to be a very spiritual side to the “Santa” of my parents vision. And so, too, ours.

    To this day, my sibling’s and I have tried, so very hard, to pass down this Christmas Spirit, to our children and grandchildren. To now, look upon their faces, and to see the awe of that MAGICAL feeling, as it takes hold of THEM. My son will be 20 years old, 2 days after Christmas, (I prayed so hard for a Christmas Baby!) and I know, he would tell you, that his favorite holiday is CHRISTMAS! And that he can’t wait to share this Christmas Spirit, with everyone. But mostly,someday, with his children.

    May GOD BLESS YOU, and KEEP YOU. May your hearts be light. May you, too, remember the reason for the season! And may all your Christmas’, be MAGICAL!!!

    Ride Free


  5. So my understanding is that when you write your first posts, they have to be approved by an Admin before you can post freely.

    I wrote my first two posts a few weeks ago, but they have not been approved yet. Do I need to do anything else? What am I missing here?

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