Pearl Harbor memories

Where you, your parents or grandparents on the Day of Infamy?

Nothing would ever be the same after that day, December 7, 1941, the day Imperial Japanese airplanes attacked U.S. naval fleets and air force bases in Hawaii.

That day, that would be known as Pearl Harbor Day would be remembered as the day our nation’s view of itself and of its role in the world altered forever and laid the groundwork for the world we know today.

Before the end of the Second World War ended, millions of American would be drafted to serve in the American armed forces and citizens everywhere would join together to support a national war effort.

And it all began seventy-two years ago this week, December 7th, 1941.

How long did it take them to learn of the attack in the days before television and Internet?  How were their lives affected? Did your family plant a Victory garden,  collect tin foil, or participate in scrap drives for the war effort? Do they remember rationing? How did rationing affect your family and community?

Use can ask these questions and find other questions like these on the Memoriesbroughttolife website. Use them as a guide to uncover your parents or grandparents memories of that historic day. These are pages you can use either stand alone, or as part of a family Living Legacy LifeBook.

To obtain these free pages, click on the Downloads tab on the Memoriesbroughttolife website and be guided through a very simple process, entering your name and e-mail address to be provided complementary access to all downloadable files available.

These are irreplaceable memories well worth keeping, valuable memories providing a window into the lives of those who not only remember December 7th 1941, but who actually lived through that historical day.

Kennedy assassination memories: Where were you that day?

November 22, 1963 was the day that changed the history of our nation, much as the events of September 11, 2001 did thirty-eight years later.

It was the day that President John F. Kennedy was shot while riding in a motorcade with First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally in Dallas Texas.

I was only thirteen years old standing up in the eighth grade English class of Junior High School 145 in New York when the announcement came out over the school public address system that our president had been shot. It was a moment that is forever etched in my memory.

Where were you; where were they the day President John F. Kennedy was shot?

Use the complimentary templates you will find there as a guide to recover and record how you, your parents or grandparents experienced the day President Kennedy was shot, how it changed our nation, our families and communities and add them to your personal Living Legacy Lifebook.

Listening for lost narratives – “I did not know that!”

Dear all,

Let’s have some fun!

I am looking for your stories, 100-400 or so words telling something unique, fascinating, entertaining, whimsical, or just plain wow, a tale, a family legend from the lifetime of your parents, grandparents, or beyond for a new blog to be posted on  in the near future.

It is intended to inspire and encourage folks to dig into their family’s living legacies and heritage and share the amazing stories that can be found there.

The theme for the stories is, “I did not know that!”

One of my friends shares a discovery of hers that her mother had been a Playboy Bunny for six months! She certainly was surprised when she found out.

From my family there is the story of my grandmother Celia who, so the story goes, was a teenage radical in Czarist Latvia around 1905. Unbeknownst to my great grandfather, grandmother Celia had been distributing radical leaflets and aroused the interest of the local Russian police.They came to the home of my great grandfather and wanted to search the home for radical literature.Quickly they stuffed the offending literature beneath the parlor room seat and sat my grandmother on it. The police searched throughout the home but did not find any leaflets.

Shortly thereafter my great grandfather decided to ship my grandmother and her younger sister off to America.

What delicious stories, narratives, are in your family tree?

Please post them here on Tuesdays with Deborah for us all to enjoy and send them along to me at


Paul Zohav




The Devil in Uncle Watt

Uncle Watt bit off the head of a big, fat, juicy, green tobacco worm, peed on his deaf cousin, and poked mules in the ass with a sharp stick just to see ‘em kick. Oh, yes, he was full of the Devil. And my efforts to untangle dead ancestors lured me into a genealogical exorcism.

“Oh my Lord, he done got the Devil in ‘im BAD,” Raffie, a stooped, ancient man who used to work beside him on the farm once told me when I was a young lad. As late as July 2009, Helen, one of my beloved aunts and a Beatnik artist then in her 80s, when reminded of Uncle Watt called him “quite a character.” And so I tumbled down the dumbwaiter chute of a family mystery. Who was this “Devil?”

Continue reading @

William Dudley Bass
2009, 2012
Seattle & Shoreline, Washington

NOTE: This essay was first published in my earlier blogs, revised on my new website, On Earth at the Brink, @ It is reprinted here with my permission as the Author. Thank you.

Democracy burning?

If we are not for ourselves who will be for us? 

If not now, when; If not you and I, who?

Our votes, yours and mine, used to have the same worth as any other person’s vote. My vote was equal to your vote and together our votes determined the fate of our lives and of our nation.

However, this appears to be fading into memory and history. It seems like our ballots are suffering from a case of severe  voter dilution and vote inflation.  Your and my ballot just isn’t worth what it used to be. Our votes are beginning to resemble commodities to be traded, bought, spent, invested, channeled, and influenced.

No one argues that our nation country was founded upon the bedrock principle of one person one vote. However the 2010 CITIZENS UNITED v. FEDERAL ELECTION Commission decision by the U.S. Supreme Court thoroughly deconstructed the “one person, one vote” foundation of our nation.

First, the decision granted full person-hood to corporations, incorporeal legal entities. They are now people who are free to employ corporation money and financial resources to influence and distort our political process and the lives of living entities like you and me.

Our legally reborn incorporeal corporate citizens get to press their thumbs upon the election scales of living corporeal people. You know. living people, the ones who once defended Bunker Hill, fought at The Battles of Bull Run, and then fought their way up to plante flag on Iwo Jima?

To add insult to injury, there are a number of billionaire citizens like the Koch brothers and others who dilute our one person one votes by funneling tens of millions of dollars into the political process that impacts the lives of living citizens like you and me.

In commodity terms, their two ballots are now worth far and away far more than yours and mine. The Koch brothers, with a wave of their corporate checkbooks, enjoy a freedom, nearly unconstrained by the federal electoral system, that allows them to press their thumbs upon any scale of justice and political process that appeals to them.

And we have had no appeal for that.

The Declaration of Independence declares that American have an “inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” The U.S. Supreme Court has declared incorporeal corporate legal entities as possessing the same rights as living and breathing U.S. citizens. I can imagine, (and I can only imagine) that corporations now breathe a sigh of incorporate relief, hop in their virtual corporate fleet of luxury vehicles and jets,  to go home to corporate wives and cyber children, and relax happily in front of their corporate, tax deductible HDTV screens..

Given the foregoing, it can be of no real significance who heads up our ship of state in the coming elections, the corporations are voting with their cash, the Koch brother billionaires with their bucks,  and the value of our citizen’s ballots is further compromised and shrinking fast.

We are “voting” while our democracy is sinking,rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic  our democracy house is burning and going up in smoke, while incorporeal and corporate billionaires saw away contentedly on their violins.

What will it take, whose will it take to turn this around? Yours, mine, ours?

If we are not for ourselves who will be for us?

If not now, when, if not you, who?


Your life is someone else’s roots!

Consider that today, in your lifetime, between your grandparent’s generation and the generations of your grandchildren, your are the living link between the 19th and 22nd centuries, spanning at least 150 years, maybe more.

History is not written by college professors, it is lived and witnessed by you and I each and every day of our lives.

Consider that you may be the only person left alive today who recalls key history from your family’s past; you may be the only one who has ever known those stories!

What would be like if you were to create a personal living legacy that will help you remember where you come from, who you have been, who you are, all while leaving an enduring posterity, a living legacy to delight generations to come?

How would accomplishing this influence your sense of self? How would it alter the way you think about your current life and living?



LifeBook thoughts and expanding permutations

There are 76 million baby boomers and another fifty plus million others who could use the Living Legacy LifeBook as a framework for honoring themselves, each other, their roots, futures, and their descendants.

The more I discuss my book and ideas with others the more ideas for application arise. Please add more in your comments below (Thanks)

LifeBook or LifeBooks could be:

  • Part of a welcome packet for an independent living or retirement community.
  • Part of a Pre-burial plan contract purchase (if you are buying a hole that has not been dug, a monument that has not been cut to be erected on a plot you yourself will never really enjoy, have one of these to complete between now and the time you will be using your plot. It also makes for a well-written eulogy…)
  • Home care agencies, instead of watching one more soap opera with their home bound client – they can ask great questions and listen to some truly astounding replies.)
  • Senior downsizing movers and De-clutterers could use this.
  • Senior housing placement agencies can offer this as part of their services.
  • Senior centers could use this as inspiration for activities.
  • Retirement or other financial counselors could offer this to clients as a service.
  • Divorce counselors, attorneys, mediators can offer this to couples in distress to help them clarify their marriages and intentions, conceivably help restore health to damages relations.
  • A gift from:
    • Adult children to their Senior parents which would make visiting their parents much more enjoyable and productive
    • Senior parents to their adult children which would make visits much more enjoyable and productive
  • A gift to:
    • Newlyweds so that they can start their Living Legacies right away, and learn each other[s families early on in their marriage.
    • Oldy-weds (a relationship enhancement tool) who can take their intimacy and compatibility to the next level by sharing their lives in this manner – one tell their stories or bucket list, the other scribes – then switch roles, then discuss between them.
  • A service for religious congregations.
    • Honoring their senior members,
    • younger members, youth groups, can visit and listen and record older members as they retell their stories, share their wisdom.
  • And much more yet to be conceived. 
  • There is even a memory board game in the works… (imagine)

Anything you can do or say that will help me reach 150 million Americans would be deeply appreciated.

You can write to me directly at






Living Legacy LifeBook – the movie!


    Our Reticent Writers and Bloggers Support Group has been an enormous resource for me this past year. Our support group member Scott Bell produced this excellent video for me; Susan Straub-Martin designed the beautiful covers.

Here is the link to the video.

Living Legacy LifeBook video, six minutes.

Here is the link to the website:

The Living Legacy website

Here are the Living Legacy LifeBook’s high-points:

You can’t take it with you – but you can leave something of abiding value behind, your Living Legacy.  Downsizing your life should not mean you need to garage sale your mind nor compromise your identity. The Living Legacy LifeBook is a simple, easy, do it at your own pace guide that permits adults to:

  • Process a lifetime of memories.
  • Review life accomplishments.
  • Achieve an enhanced sense of self and safeguard identity.
  • Create a memory aid for when remembering becomes a concern.
  • Downsize living quarters and distribute long-held possessions – without losing the memories associated with those possessions.
  • Enhance relationships with those who are closest.
  • Experience and enjoy meaningful, good quality time spent with family and friends.
  • Keep vital life documents close by, readily available for reference.
  • Create a personal Living Legacy, a contribution, a posterity that will last for generations – a true immortality.
  •  And much, much more.

Please send me your feedback, thoughts, networking suggestions, and responses.

Thanks for watching.

Paul Zohav


Good Luck-F*ceBo*k new Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

I find this kind of funny. F*ceBo*ok is asserting the rights to its trademarked words in there Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, That means people of F*ceBo*k will me asked to not to used F*cebo*k’s Trademarked words. That means F*cebo*k uses will be asked to not use some of the following words: f*ce, bo*k, p*ke (that’s and O), w*ll (that’s an A), and l*ke (that’s an i).


Gotta say, Good luck!

Holy Carp (sic)!

Dated: Febuary 21, 2012

My mind is spinning! Spinning! Spinning! Who would have thunk!

After nearly a year and a half of fits and starts, I started on October, 13, 2011. I had this grand vision with all the new found masses of people getting the “Apple Religion”, that I could use all my knowledge of the scrolls and present it in a way that would have customers beating down the preverbial door.

Read on!