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Pete’s specialty is “profit search and rescue”. He is an Efficiency and Effectiveness Expert in commercial transportation and logistics operations. Pete’s consulting practice is focused on working with growing Northwest companies with six or more delivery drivers who are frustrated with their delivery operations’ productivity or quality. He has assisted his clients to gain, at least, 10 % improvement in direct labor savings.

Why Be Stubborn?

I saw this roadsign twice in one weekend. So, I thought I would take the hint. At 60 MPH, I couldn’t read the fine print. I wasn’t quite sure who the ad was for. Nevertheless, I got the message.

I didn’t want to die of stubbornness. So I had to think, “What was I being stubborn about?” (Is this a multiple choice question?) Well, I picked one and I went to the doctor. Not a bad start. In fact, the roadsign is a campaign initiated by the the US government to bring awareness not only to the issue of prostate but to all aspects of male health. Not a bad guess on my part.

Then I wondered, about business. How many businesses would die of stubbornness? How many businessess are stuck in their ways? Stuck in their old ways. No new ideas, no innovation? No progress! Can failure or death be far?

Albert Einstein quoted, “you can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” Einstein also said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

But, you don’t have to be a genius to be successful in business. You just have to look over the fence or outside your box; send out a search party or call for help.

Will your business die of stubborness? How do you avoid it?

I Told You So!


Snow Eats Seattle

Recent winters caused business disruptions in the Puget Sound area. Windstorms crippled both residences and businesses for weeks during 2006. Interstate-5 was closed due to flooding in 2007 and record snow knocked out commerce in 2008. The Seattle “Snow-mageddon” is a current example of a business disruption. Maybe your business made it through but maybe next time it won’t! What about the runoff this spring?

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ciao, Pete

Efficiency  Expert

Why MasterMind?

The purpose of a mastermind alliance is to assist each person with goal setting, idea generation, encouragement and accountability. If you are a solo entrepreneur, this means you don’t have to do your business alone. Your mastermind group is a very informal advisory board to help move you toward your success.

As a business owner, a mastermind group gives you the opportunity to identify new ideas on issues that have you stuck. New ideas and derivatives of those ideas from others, not involved in your business, are very enlightening. It’s attacking a problem from a different point of view, other than your own.

One of the most important elements in the formation of a mastermind group is the harmony of the group. The collaboration with a consistent group breeds a fellowship that are familiar with your business and the issues you face. This lends itself to the appreciation of and encouragement toward each person’s goals on an ongoing basis.

Another important element of a mastermind group is commitment. There is a commitment to meeting, participating and each other’s success. Commitment coupled with harmony creates a gentle honest support. As much as we may dislike being held accountable, we know it will be helpful, especially under these impartial, kind and truthful conditions.

Overall, a mastermind group is about relationship. It’s your relationship with your success, your goals and your team of advisors.

Here are a few other articles on mastermind I have written:

ciao, Pete

Efficiency  Expert

Meowy Catsmas

The damn cats have been here for exactly a year. Oh, joy! And tomorrow is also the 1st anniversary of the release of my first kidney stones. Thank God that’s over.

My little Grinch didn’t want to put up a tree this year. She was concerned for her cats. I was concerned for the glass ornaments.

We managed to get our 5 foot, fake, pre-lit tree out of the box today. I usually set it on top of a small skirted table. An accident waiting to happen, right? My brilliant idea was to screw the base of the tree to the cheap table. That was a small project. (Never the right tool when you need it.)

Later, as we worked in the other room, the meowing turned to crying. “Go check on the cats, please,” I said. Moments later, she screams from the living room, “Dad. You have to see this!” The tree looked like a blind man trimmed it with a chainsaw. One cat was on the skirted table, at the base of the tree looking up at his brother. Oh, brother. The other one was tangled in the wires, hanging upside down from his haunches.

It took the two of us, one at each end, to push him backwards past the wire to freedom. He wasn’t grateful. He was still trying to hang on.

The tree stands sturdy, all lit, gathering gifts in its entire naked splendor. (Ornaments would be too risky this year.) A full, plastic, quart-size squirt bottle stands nearby to defend the tree from would be feline climbers.

Damn Cats and Meowy Catsmas.

ciao, Pete

Efficiency Expert







Shameful, Pitiful and Pathetic

To punctuate my rant from 11/23/2011, regarding the Super Committee, I present Fools On the Hill.

If a picture is worth 1000 words, this should satisfy my December quota.

I’m looking forward to the movie.

I’m looking forward to a Congress that works for a living.






Doing it Wrong

From a recent post in the Cincinnati Business Courier, the first paragraph read:
“It’s a wonder anyone hires an efficiency consultant. When you get right down to it, you’re paying someone to tell you what you’re doing wrong.”

As an efficiency expert, that paragraph grabbed my attention and I made the following comment to the article.

I believe everyone is doing the best they know how with the information they have available. “Doing it wrong” is relative. It used to be right, hopefully, because it fixed the previous problem. “Doing it wrong” is the best the client knows. I’m certain, if the client knew better, they would do better.

I don’t fault clients for that. My job is to provide more information for my clients so they can make a better decision. Nevertheless, sooner or later the great decisions we make today will be wrong. Then what?

The real trick is to continually review our processes and catch those areas that may be going wrong before they actually do. My mantra: (similar to the directions on your shampoo label) plan-do-check-act, repeat.

ciao, Pete

At It Again

This is not worthy of 100 words, but the damn cats were at it again.

I bought 2 bottles of red wine for a pair of holiday parties I was attending Saturday. Upon returning home, Friday, I noticed only one on the high counter where I had left them previously. Where was the other bottle?

Damn Cats!

I didn’t expect they had carried it off. Therefore, I naturally looked down to the floor. There it was, on the hardwood floor . . . unbroken.

Damn Cats!

I’ll post it anyway. See, only 97 words.

ciao, Pete


They Ate My Nuts!


This is the second in a series, which I’m sure will be epic, about my daughter’s damn cats. Actually there was one, up to this point, unrecorded incident which spurred the outcry, “DAMN CATS!” It was a small incident where they broke a favorite flower vase. But that was what started it all.

Snacking on peanuts and other tree nuts is one of my favorite things. I always check the label and get the lowest sodium ones. Often I buy a variety of nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, etc. and mix them myself.

Lately, I mixed a small batch of honey roasted peanuts and roasted hazelnuts. I munched a few handfuls after dinner and left the bowl on the kitchen counter. I left about a cup and a half in the bowl that night.

Next morning, the bowl of nuts was empty. I swear it was half full when I went to bed. I asked my daughter if the cats were in her room all night, as usual. She said, “Yes.” What the heck? I noticed three hazel nuts on the kitchen floor. What the heck? Am I NUTS?

I double checked. “Were the cats in your room all night?” “Yes”, she came back. “But, I did let them out early this morning.”


ciao, Pete


Can I Stop Now?

Can I stop writing NOW?

This is my 20th post during the month, and my 3rd one TONIGHT. I had some catching up to do. (I do like the scoreboard.)

Well, I have to thank, once again, the lovely, talent and omniscient hostess, Deborah Drake. I’m thinking about blogging more than I ever, ever have. I think a seed of a good habit and practice has been planted. I will need even more encouragement, to nurture, water and fertilize this belligerent seedling. I can’t wait until the end of this paragraph, where I will close a very creative chapter of my life.

Thank you, Weather Girl.

ciao, Pete



Damn CATS!!!

Last December, we got kidney stones and kittens for Christmas. The kidney stones have passed, painlessly, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY! The kittens are adult. We are coming up to almost a year of being a 2 feline household. The antics they play are often hysterical.

Last week, I was using a headset on our home phone to make some business calls. I remember leaving the headset and phone at the eating counter off the kitchen. During the week, I put the phone back in its charger. But last night, I wanted to use the headset again to make calls. I went to the counter and I didn’t find it. I searched high and low, twice. I scratched my head three times. Where the hell . . . ?

I told my daughter, I thought the cats had stolen my headset. She laughed. What would the cats do with the telephone headset? I scratched my head again.

Two hours later, my daughter reports she has found the headset under her dresser in her bedroom.

Damn CATS!!!!

ciao, Pete