Cars a Moving Feng Shui Target

I promised a little bit more about car feng shui. Here are a few quick thoughts and some fun links and video.

So the question is, Feng Shui for Cars? Really? If you didn’t see the orginal article read Ford Offers Feng Shui Concepts.

I don’t think so. As I have mentioned in previous posts, Feng Shui is about the interface between land, buildings and people. One of the characteristics of buildings is that they generally stay in one place. Even those buildings that move, open or rotate are actually attached to the ground. Neither does the land around a building move except during construction or perhaps a major landscape remodel. But essentially the land stays the same in its important attributes. Since a car is not attached to the ground nor does the land around it remain stable, how can we Feng Shui a car?

Traditional Feng Shui will use the exact location of a building to determine which sections are most beneficial for various tasks-office, bedroom, kitchen for homes or sales office, advertising, mechandise placement, management, etc for a business. If the building keeps moving its location…to continue reading please visit Real Feng Shui Solutions

Car Feng Shui-Really?

I’ve just returned from a trip to Detroit the car capital of the US. It seems appropriate that I reprint this article from the Ford blog.  I do not necessarily agree with the premise and will comment in another post. But below, for your reading enjoyment, is the article.

Feng shui, the art of placement, is used to organize and harmonize an environment; it can be used in any environment – home, workspace, even a vehicle.

With the ever-increasing time that consumers spend in their vehicles, staying relaxed and focused can be beneficial while on the road

Whether it’s applying a feng shui life map to see how the energy flows or just implementing some useful tips to increase inner peace, taking the next step toward greater harmony just makes sense, particularly with a car that offers as much interior quietness as the all-new Ford Fusion

DEARBORN, Mich., March 16, 2012 – With rising gas prices, fuel economy is becoming increasingly important. But what if there was a way to keep good energy flowing inside the car as well?

It’s called feng shui – the words sound exotic, mysterious. But in truth…

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Feng Shui – Interface of People, Buildings and Nature

pond and trees

Select the correct site

Harmony between buildings, nature and people is the function of feng shui. How can you create this harmony in your environment? The best way to do it is to start with selecting the correct piece of land for your building project. When you begin with land that supports your well being then you are ahead of the game.

Choose land without steep slopes that can drain away your money. Stay away from T intersections, highway overpasses, fast running water and land with ravines. Instead choose land that is basically flat where you can build far enough away from the road to avoid heavy vibrations.

Too much or too little

The soils should not be too dry, too rocky or too wet. Each of these can cause various problems for you. Vegetation should be healthy on the land you choose. Trees should be in good condition and growing well. They should not be overly large or too close to the building. Some kinds of trees should be avoided such as willow trees which thrive in wet areas and grow quickly. In addition to indicating wet conditions the roots can interfere with drainage and sewer lines. Some trees are messy and attract insects and snakes. So be careful what kind of trees you choose.

painted desert

Be aware of your surroundings. Is it too hot or cold and windy? Are there strange smells?  If your land is too exposed such as the top of a hill you will constantly be battered by sun, rain and wind. The views may be magnificent but eventually you will find it to be too strong for comfort. Your house will also suffer and deteriorate. If you live downwind from a factory, paper mill or a farm you may be assaulted by smells that can be very unpleasant and eventually will affect your health.

Are you in balance

What about what you see around you? Anything you see will affect you. Surround yourself with beauty both inside and outside of your building. Are your surroundings in balance? Are you the largest building in the area? When you stand out this, you can become…

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What’s In The Way of Your Feng Shui

high tension towerThere are thousands of things in your environment that have an impact on the way you work and live. Some of those things you can see such as furniture, walls, decorative objects, streets and rivers. Others you can not see such as electromagnetic fields, heat and cold, odors, the wind, chemicals and the like. These environmental situations  affect your ability to think, be healthy, and have good relationships. Your success in business and your quality of life can be improved with the enhanced opportunities Feng Shui provides.

Feng Shui takes what is found in the environment and uses it for your advantage. By creating appropriate landscapes and roads Feng Shui brings energy to your door. What is this energy? Every thing in our world is full of energy. Think of it as food. We all need food to survive. The higher the quality of the food the better our health. Since energy is all around us in many forms all we have to do is gather it for our benefit. The practiced Feng Shui consultant is trained to recognize and direct this energy for you.

lobster stew and veggies

When that energy arrives at your door then what? Let’s go back to the food analogy. If the food is on your plate but you never open your mouth to eat it then it does you no good. If your door is in the wrong….

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Feng Shui Energy Advisory


chinese dragon

January 23rd is the start of the Year of The Water Dragon. The New Year is always a time for reflection and planning for the time ahead. In Feng Shui it is also the time to make note of the changing energies and how they relate to you, your home, and to your business.

Energy is in Constant Motion

Energy is in constant motion. We have learned about the Mayan calendar and its cycles and wonder what that means for the future. We can be more certain about the cycles described in Feng Shui and what they mean.

grandmotherThink of the energies, we call them stars as it is easier to imagine them, as people. Each star has its own personality. Some stars are happy and bring good energy with them. Maybe similar to that friend you always look forward to seeing when they visit. Some stars are less happy. That could be your hypochondriac uncle. Another star may have a nurturing energy. Could that be Grandma? Some like to fight and cause problems. I think you get the picture.

Who is Coming to Visit

DancingNow imagine you have a big house with many rooms. The stars-people- come to visit and each one has a room in the house. Every year they choose a different room to stay in. As you move around your house and spend time with them you are going to be affected by their energy. Oh and by the way they are sharing a room with one of the other people. So you have to take into consideration the interaction between them as well as with you. Some get along. Some don’t. Some are jealous. Some are celebrating. But some like to keep it quiet. Some are good dancers. Other couples step all over each other’s feet. Some are in a creative mood. Relationships are getting more interesting now aren’t they?

What to Do About It

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Before the Curtain Rises

proc·ess  n. pl.  A series of actions, changes, or functions bringing about a result

What happens before the curtain rises may be more interesting and feel more important to the participants than you can imagine. Take a look inside the process.


Opera Maine cast

Amelia Goes to the Ball by Gian Carlo Menotti

Still to Come

At one time I was the Executive Director of an opera company as well as a performing musician. One night after the last rehearsal, for Tosca I think, I was leaving the hall with one of my artists. I commented that I was feeling sad because now it was all over. Mind you, the performances were still to come. I thought I might get a what the heck are you talking about kind of reaction. To my surprise this singer concurred with me. I thought I had been alone in this feeling. I have since learned that this feeling is more common than you might think. In fact I think it may be universal to all seriously creative people.


Don’t get me wrong. The performances are always glorious and nothing can beat the feeling of exhilaration you get when the audience rises, as a whole, to its feet in bravos and applause. And the exhaustion you feel bringing it to opening night is certainly worth it. But a performance is in some ways an anticlimax to the process.

Learning the music and the words are just the beginning of the process. The real fun begins when you get into the head of the composer and the character. When you begin to live the music, that’s when it gets exciting.

Opera Maine's Julia Child

Elizabeth Patches as Julia Child in Bon Appetit by Lee Hoiby

The Process

Everyone is going through the learning process together, even if …

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What to Do on a Snowy Day

This is my weather. It’s what I am used to and comfortable with in the winter. And to boot (oh yes I meant to say that) it looks like we are going to have a lot of it. SNOW that is. I do love a good snow storm.

I realize that where I come from, and where I have lived most of my life that snow is expected, planned for and accomodated fairly easily. Here in Seattle it is a snow bird of a different type.  Since I don’t have to be anywhere in the next few days I am feeling pretty good about it.

Yesterday I went for a walk around my immediate neighborhood. This was the first chance I had to do so. The snow made for a blanket of quiet. The only sounds were the crunch of snow underfoot and the cawing of crows and peeping of the little birds. The trees were wearing …

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Celebration in Solitude

Our world is an illusion, but one night a year it has more possibilities than one can imagine at any other time.

“Look round and round this bare bleak plain, and see even here, upon a winter’s day, how beautiful the shadows are! Alas! It is the nature of their kind to be so. The lovliest things in life, Tom, are but shadows; and they come and go, and change and fade away, as rapidly as these!” Charles Dickens

The holidays are over, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and all the other special occasions that happen in December. (Pity the person who schedules a house move 2 days after Christmas) Amidst all this hustle and bustle is a favorite time of mine-Winter Solstice. Recently this night has become a more popular time to celebrate with like minded people. However, it is a gift and celebration that I give to myself in solitude each year.

Peggy's Cove Nova ScotiaIt seems that I have worked each  winter solstice night for many years now. I sometimes listen to the rebroadcast of the Paul Winter and Friends concert, at St. John the Divine in New York, on my way home late that night. The air is crisp. The sky is clear. You can see the heavens overflowing with sparkling points of light to an extent that is terrifyingly beautiful.

This is a turning point, the longest, darkest night of the year. The world hovers on a pinpoint. To finish reading this post please visit Suspended Soul

Picture Yourself Here

Deborah this is especially for you because you asked for more photos. But it is my wish for everyone. ( A picture is worth a thousand words, no?)

Rolling into the New Year

rolling conveyor belt

I wish you blessings

antique angel statue

May you never be blue

antique chair

But always find love


Find time to reflect

Fly to the top of your class

And at the end of the day, remember to have fun

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Moving-I hate it.

Moving-I hate it. Well maybe that is a little strong. I don’t enjoy the process for sure. But I do enjoy being in a new place, getting to know a new neighborhood. The last week of December is not the best time to move being as busy as it is. I have had extra shifts at work, which I do love. That left very little time for packing.

It’s amazing what you can accumulate in a year and a half. I moved here with what would fit in my car and then shipped a few boxes later. No more. I had to rent a truck. I’ve pressed a couple of friends into service to help me. (I will have to do something extra nice for them) Wanting to make it easier for them I moved the majority of my belongings down to our lobby to speed the process.

After tomorrow’s major move there will still be things  that I don’t want to pack in the truck. So I will be back and forth for a couple of days, taking care of the precious items. All the while I will be…

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