Weing, a participle for participation

Physicists are at work discovering new particles. (For example, boson, proton, electron and so forth.)

We’uns (We that we are) may have discovered a new language participle, Weing, arising from a new verb To We, a word possibly related to it’s homonym “To Whee!”  (See commercial)

A participle is a form of a verb which is used in a sentence to modify a noun or noun phrase, and thus plays a role similar to that of an adjective or adverb
Me’um (Me that I am) researched to see if this was already a known word – without success.
So it seems that Weing is a new construction in language.
Weing a participle word modifying the verb “to We” similar in language construction to “Being” a participle, modifying the verb, “To Be”
Application: Upon distinguishing that:
  • Me’um (Me that I am), or
  • We’um (We that we are)
Have fallen into over-employing the “I” of I-dentity in our speech, we’um can return our speaking to Weing-based language.
This may offer enhanced access for we’ums (We that we are) to the Fifth Field of communication.



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