How Will You Get There from Here?

Retirement vehicleThe encore stage of life can be the perfect time for Baby Boomers to renew their physical self-awareness. When you leave your full time work world, you can feel like you are waking up from a very long sleep. You now have the opportunity to assess the state of your health and well-being as you design your retirement lifestyle.

What would you discover if you viewed your body as the vehicle in which you will travel through the encore stage of your life? If you compared your body to a car, what would it look like? Would it be luxurious and finely tuned like a Maserati? Would it be tough and utilitarian as a Jeep? Or, something in between?

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

  1. What is the comfort level of your vehicle? How do you feel within your own skin?
  2. What do you use to fuel your body from the inside? How positive is your mindset and self-talk?
  3. What do you nurture your sensory system with? What do your eyes see? What do your ears hear? What does your skin touch?
  4. How well do you maintain your body with regular medical, dental, vision, etc., examinations?
  5. What emergency services are available in case you experience any physical challenges?
  6. What external conditions do you expose your body to? How healthy and supportive is your environment?
  7. What do you use to decorate your body – hair, clothes, makeup, etc.?
  8. What retirement lifestyle activities do you expect your body to perform and what do you do to ensure its long-term reliability?

As you set out on the journey through the encore stage of your life, what additional preparations and practices will help you maintain your body in peak condition? This is the time of your life to leverage your knowledge, wisdom, and expertise to live a life of fulfillment and contribution with ease.

Janice Williams, Retirement Coach,


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