Can You Celebrate Your Life?

Celebrating retirement lifestyleBaby Boomers may discover that their identity changes significantly when they leave their full time work world and enter into their retirement lifestyle. What will your identity be when you thrive in the third phase of your life?

Have you ever considered what would be said about you in a eulogy in celebration of your life? What aspects of your life would you want people to know and remember? How would they identify you from what is described?

How do you want to be remembered?

Eulogies are given in memory of a person’s life after they pass away to celebrate that person’s whole life. They can include such topics as the person’s:

  • Unique traits and passions
  • Interests, hobbies, activities
  • Professional experience and expertise
  • Accomplishments and achievements

Exercise: Create your own eulogy by listing your specific qualities for each of the topics above. For each quality, write an uplifting story that demonstrates how you lived the quality. Reflect back through your entire life for your stories.

Are you living the identity of your choice?

After completing the exercise of listing your specific qualities and their supporting stories, what did you discover about the life you have led so far? Is it one that you would have chosen? Everyone’s life is filled with highs and lows and the unexpected. What is important is how you choose to respond to the events in your life. As you enter your retirement years, what is your identity at this time? What changes would you like to make in the third phase of your life?

Your retirement lifestyle gives you an opportunity to refine and enrich your identity so that you live your life with greater fulfillment, make new contributions, and leave a legacy of your choice.

My experience

When I completed my eulogy to celebrate my life, I saw my identity as someone who has always been focused on self-discovery and transformation. I continue to search for new ways to live my life with creativity and ease. And that energy creates the foundation for my retirement coaching practice at

Janice Williams, Retirement Coach at


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