Dear Writers, Who Needs Community (Again)?

As a writer, I need solitude but I also need community and occasionally a break from a pattern and rhythm to let my creative field go fallow that it might be a good field to grow stories in again.

Do you need community like I need community?

The Tuesday meeting of the minds and hearts of this Community Blog has been on sabbatical for a month now (basically) and I find myself missing the gathering. Losing our venue and knowing that was to be the case, temporarily took the wind out of my leading/writing/creating sails. I appreciate the people who have reached out to ask, Hey, what is the new plan and when do we start?”

As was the case in the film, A Field of Dreams, first the field was conceived of, and when that field was built, the players came to play. “Build it and they will come.”

When I started the Writer’s Support Group for Reticent Bloggers in March 2010 after two weeks of promoting it as a great way to have a long late lunch, I had no idea that over 150 people would attend some number of Tuesdays, weekly, monthly, annually. I had no idea how many would be inspired to take up writing for their business and personal aspirations. I wanted to create an open, honest, and energizing forum for discussion. Oddly, we would do little writing at group, but the amount of writing that got done after and between Tuesdays, increased over time and especially when we created a space for us to all share.

Today this is our 831st post to this Community Blog.

Your Prolific Writing and mostly Fearless Leader here has been recharging her batteries and is nearly recovered from losing the glorious venue of the Tea House as we did for the past 2.5 years. Our group must change in some way. We must change venue and it feels time to change even the very structure of the group to honor the shift and the growth

Blogs were born.

Books were written and published.

This Community Space was created to be our Wall and boy how it has been used!

Who is interested in resuming next week? What kind of commitment are you willing to make to coming and funding the venue? $10 agreeable per drop-in or $25 a month paid in advance through paypal? This will simplify my reserving the room on a regular basis for us.

Jitters offers a conference room for use that we must rent and is suitable.

Please RSVP to your comments, commitment, wishes and intentions!

With a critical mass of +5 we can begin again.


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3 thoughts on “Dear Writers, Who Needs Community (Again)?

  1. Things I have come to know:
    Change is inevitable…and
    Change always comes bearing gifts (often hidden until we find them).
    I also miss the group and the incredible energy that we create. I am all for getting this going again in a new way and will assist in any way.

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