6 Tips for Mastering Your Healing Process

Healing in retirementWhat is your overall philosophy regarding your health and well being? Most Baby Boomers are likely to live longer, healthier lives during their third phase of life compared to previous generations. Even with the best of intentions, the aging process can bring about health challenges that are unexpected during your retirement years.

How you respond to these challenges can influence the quality of your retirement lifestyle. It is important to understand ahead of time what your health and well being philosophy is so that you, and those who support you, will know what type of care you prefer. Some basic choices include conventional care, alternative care, high intervention, or low intervention.

6 tips for mastering your healing process:

  1. Get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan from chosen health care practitioners.
  2. Do your own research to gain greater understanding of your condition and treatment so you can manage your own care.
  3. Have patience and compassion for yourself during your healing process. You may have kept on going with your daily activities when ill in the past. Now is the time to let go of resistance to infirmities and take good care of yourself.
  4. Trust that you will recover from temporary conditions, even if it seems to take longer than in the past.
  5. Have courage to live with long term conditions so that you still find fulfillment in your retirement. This can positively influence your overall well being.
  6. Engage in the mutual support of family and friends to assist with each other’s treatment and recovery periods during the third phase of life.

My experience

When I awoke one morning and discovered that the right side of my face was paralyzed I felt very confused because I had no idea what would have caused it. At first, I sought out conventional medical care where I learned that I had Bell’s palsy. I also learned that conventional medical care knows of no true cause of the condition, nor how to cure it. Then, I spent time researching Bell’s palsy to satisfy my own understanding of it. And, I sought out a wide variety of alternative care practitioners to experience their treatments. Finally, I settled on a regimen of treatments that continue to help me regain the functionality of the right side of my face. Throughout my long recovery process, I have been so grateful to have a wonderful support group of friends who continue to inspire my patience, compassion and courage.

What is your overall philosophy for your health and well being during your retirement years?

Janice Williams, Retirement Coach, www.welcomingretirement.com

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