New York Diaries: Friday’s Memorable Moment

I step out for….

…a quick trip to the Rivington Guitars just down the street from where Nate resides and I find a mecca of vintage guitars that owner Howie Rivington scouts the states (or is the world for?). The shop is literally smaller than Northwest Guitars,my own home music store BUT there are more guitars in this small shoebox of space than Kevin and Vinnie stock. Tom, looking like a cross between a strawberry blonde Woody Allen in need of a haircut and a beard trim and an update on his lasses is a perfectly placed throwback to the 60s himself. He is  packing a left-handed strat in a hardcase for shipment. And the acoustics and the electrics and the pair of mandolins are all saying in various tones in my head, “Play me. Play me.”

Each guitar is tagged with a stock #, a price and the year it was made. I strum several Yamahas with 1970 and 1980s birth years before taking the the 1965 Guild off its stand for a play. The Dark Brown Guild has a light and bright sound that appeals to me and a magical angelic price of $999 (which includes a gig bag.)

What brought my attention to this store the night before? There was something specific. It was a white Rivington branded guitar pick that caught my eye on the night sidewalk as we were walking home post MOMA and wine store down 4th Avenue a mere two blocks from Nate’s place. And now there is a lovely little Ukelele with a rice of $59 haunting me…

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  1. I love that a guitar pick is what drew you in. I did not know you were a musician as well as being an incredible writer. Hmmm a strawberry blond Woody Allen… what would Diane Keaton think? I think you meant ‘price’ of $69.00. This moment is passionately captured, thanks for sharing.

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