if it looks like a and walks like a

I post this here for I know quite a few who follow the site are writters. Even though writters are pretty much like the rest of humanity, I still feel safer revealing here.

Deep in creatative mood, seated at my laptop, locked on a thought with fingers trying their darness to keep up, I hear a call from the real world.  My creative self  attempts to throw all sorts of sound blocking screens.  “We must stay on task”, says I to I.

The sound, the call, the real world interruption persist. I don’t see any smoke.  Don’t see any blood. All must be well in real world. But no, the annoying chime continues and its getting louder.  “OK, I must break concentration.  No, must stay focused”, says I to I.

I’m losing just enough focus to determine that the sounds are coming from the living room just off my patio with the large glass sliding door open, allowing for the gentle breeze from the near by pond to filter in.  I spin around in my chair, just long enough for a quick visual. Nothing out of place. Back to task.  “Damn ! Where was I”, says I ?

Then things started to amp up big time.  A random female Mallard duck starts a rapid waddle in overdrive, headlong into the sliding door. “Not normal duck behavior”, me thinks.

The constant beeping sound still louder. That’s it !  I’m going to have to get up. Lose all my creative juices. The joy of writting down the drain.  Day ruined.  My life now without its legacy documented.  Oh cruel world….and that chirruping sound is really getting on my nerves. And dear God you’ve got one goofball duck down here running into my door and ruining my day.

In my now distrubed state I flop down on the couch.  Boy talk about your strange undescribable sounds. I had them coming from underneath me. And God, you still got to take a look at this duck trying to plaster itself against my glass door.

As I flipped around and stuck my head to the floor for a look see under my resting place I saw what “looked like a” and “walked like a” like a duck.  One fat little yellow thing making all that commotion, unbelievable.  “What are you doing in my house? What are you doing under there?” Says I to… I guess a duck.

God… we got it all handled down here you can go back to world affairs but, you might want to upgrade the programing in these little yellow flipper dudes regarding ponds vs. living rooms.

Ok, now back to my creative writting. We’ve got the real world under control. Where was I before all this duckus ruckus…?  Urban wildlife, my foot, its living room wildlife.  “Come on creative juices lets get back to it”, says I.

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