God Moment

Betty Munsell, the mother of Mary, my wife, passed away on May 22. We have experienced God moments since then. My favorite occurred at the Rosary.

The Rosary Service took about 30 minutes. A women sat behind and to the right of us for the entire service. After The Rosary, people took some time on personal reflections about Betty.

During that time, The women’s GPS sounded off, “You have arrived at your destination.” It reminded me of the oh so timely call out of Deborah’s cell phone during TwD, “Message received.” I thought about the perfect timing of the GPS. It had sat in her purse for over 30 minutes in udder silence. It seemed as if God waited for just the right time to let us know that Betty had arrived at her destination.

I commented on the perfect and timely call out from the GPS, “You have arrived at your destination.” as if it were meant to be. The women apologized profusely for her seeming faux pax. I let her know that it was not necessary, that had been a God Moment. God had meant it to be; otherwise, her GPS would have sounded off on her arrival at the church.

Here absence is felt by all those she touched. Below is a memorial I put together for her.

Stephen Magladry, your iTechieGuy

3 thoughts on “God Moment

  1. Stephen, I’m sad to read of your wife’s Mom’s demise, and I delight in the joy of synchronicity as you weaved in the GPS interruption with grace and dignity and respect so it wasn’t an interruption at all but a gift, indeed a “God Moment.”

  2. God moments, Ah..ha moments are meant to be. Mary’s Mom is a special spirit in a special place, and your words beautifully express that to us all and remind us all of loved ones with her “at their destination”. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  3. My God moment is the fact of being wide awake after several hours asleep – so no chance of going back to sleep right away….. and choosing to read some TwD posts while my tea is steeping…. and finding… this.

    Great post. Great story! No one will ever forget…. this story or the beloved mother. It is all gift.

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