Authoring the Future Economy

An Seattle Times article described a community event that they described as being about resumes and job hunting. Instantly, I thought of the wise words of Phill Briscoe, Gerald Grinter, and John C Erdman.

What if there were an evening at Town Hall in Seattle with these three writers (who are also architects and designers of the economy of the future)?

What if such an evening also included Deborah Drake’s collaborative book “Burn Your Resume?”

What if it were not an evening, but a half-day conference at a place like the Albers School of Business at Seattle University?  That may seem like a fantasy right now, but all the writers linked here should hear from me that the content they share at TwD and in writing is, in my opinion, what university students and the public could be offered at a half-day conference at a place that is a laboratory and greenhouse for the new economy.

One thought on “Authoring the Future Economy

  1. Well, shoot, organize this. Donate 1% or 10% back toward the Community somehow such as your passion for food banks or to the Just Garden Project which mentors people to grow their own food – or start a NGO that helps leverage people lifting themselves up so we’re not the boat anymore as times as change but we are the tide, we are the water, we are the One of Many working together. Charge $5 a head as Chris Guillebeau did recently for his packed presentation last Monday night @ Downstairs at Town Hall Seattle. People as diverse as Seth Godin and Charles Eisenstein are helping recreate new ways of doing business. The folks you listed can to…without bringing in the corporate glammo that represents old, stale gumbo.

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