10 Reason I Love Toastmasters

I have been a Toastmaster for just over two years. I really enjoyed my time there. I have grown a lot as a person during my time as a Toastmaster.

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  1. Every meeting is different: Even though the meetings are structured, no two meetings are the same. I am highly entertained once a week. I look forward to going to meetings even when I do not have a role. I have no idea what I am going to learn or how I am going to be entertained.
  2. Everyone is so supportive: Everyone at a Toastmaster meeting is there for one reason. To improve their speaking. They know how scary it is to get in front of a group of strangers and speak your mind. They will support you with your development.
  3. Plenty of laughs: Probably the most surprising thing about Toastmasters is how much I laugh when I am there. There are plenty of funny speeches and funny moments.
  4. Noticing my improvement: I love noticing how much I have improved during my speeches. I have recorded myself practicing my speeches and putting them on Youtube. I haven’t in a while, but I will soon. I was asked to speak somewhere. I decided to do the Power of Words speech. I looked at the video I put up on Youtube. I was embarrassed by on all of the little things I did during my speech. I am a lot better now and I still have plenty of room for improvement.
  5. Watching other people improve: When I first joined Toastmasters there were a group of people who didn’t speak often. In fact, they were a member of multiple groups and used the other group to do their speeches. After I was a member for a year, I understood why. It is so much fun to watch people go from being terrified of speaking to being good to great speakers. The transformation is amazing. So much joy in watching other people improve.
  6. Helping other people improve: Either from giving good feedback or being a good role model, having the knowledge that have something to do with people’s improvement amazes me. I am humbled by the experience. I remember one time as Toastmaster one of the members had a problem with a Table Topic. A Table Topic is an impromtu speech, where a question is asked and the person answer the question. I had the inspiration to ask the person up a second time and asking him a very easy question that he knew. Just going up there in front of people and being able to speak with confidence helped him. He said so himself. That felt good.
  7. Learning how to give feedback: Learning how to give feedback in a way that helps a person is a very good skill to have. Every speech in Toastmasters is followed by an evaluation by a member. Some people find this much more scary than giving an actual speech.
  8. Chance to see amazing speeches: Some speeches I have seen have made me cry, laugh out loud, be amazed by the person or inspired to great action. People are talented and being able to watch the talented people do their thing is awesome.
  9. Gaining confidence in other areas of my life: Giving interviews, getting interviewed on podcasts, talking to potential clients, talking to people in general. I am much more confident in all aspects of my life due to Toastmasters. I also sound more confident because I don’t use as many, “uhs, likes, so’s, and’s” and other verbal crutches.
  10. Ability to take up a leadership position: In Toastmasters you have a chance to work on your leadership skills. I have been a VP of Membership, Secretary and President. Soon I will have the hardest job, which is VP of Education. I look forward to stretching myself and growing as a leader.

Toastmasters has made and is making a huge impact on me. I am a much better and more dynamic speaker because of Toastmasters. Where else can I grow, have fun for less than $100 a year? If you are looking to improve yourself, I highly recommend Toastmasters.

Your Spiritual Life Coach,

Brett Dupree


3 thoughts on “10 Reason I Love Toastmasters

  1. I’ve never “done” Toastmasters. Heard so many powerful things about it, tho. Now I’m gone so much working & when I’m home I just wanna nest & write. Perhaps I’ll review this come Autumn as Summer winds down & Winter rumbles down from the mountains.

  2. Awesome Joni! I am a member of the Kirkland Eclectics. Your outgoing president is one of our members. You should stop by on Thursdays meeting at 6pm. We are having a potluck :)

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