Writing session after TwD – Part 1

At every TwD session, I make notes for writing I would like to do Right Away. I know I am not alone. Another group member and I have decided to plan on staying at the gracious space of Friends Philosophy and Tea after the TwD session to do some writing….. sometimes in silence…. right after the session.

Here is the emerging idea, and you are invited:

TwD proceeds from 1 until 2:30. We “break” from 2:30 to 2:45 or so to finish conversations, stretch, refill our tea, etc.

At 2:45 we gather near the fire, perhaps, or at the tables set up for teahouse guests, for an hour. We encourage each other by simply being together in that gracious space.

When I depart TwD and I get involved in “other projects,” I experience a delay before writing a draft of the “great idea” inspired by the TwD session. I want to capture the inspirations. I can see that my writing practice could include reserving Tuesday afternoon from 1 until 4 for the double benefit of the Tuesdays with Deborah session, followed immediately by an hour of writing.

Last Tuesday, my friend Sharon who was at TwD for the first time began to say, “I need to write about the day that…..” I said: “Simply tell me the story. I will capture it, and you will have a first draft to work with.”

Sharon and I enjoyed a chuckle, later, about the results, and we will reverse the process the next time that we are both at TwD – perhaps Tuesday May 29.

If you feel inspired by the TwD process and want to stay with other writers for one more cup of tea, please join us.  It will be a challenge to not chat the hour away, but we are Writers developing Writing Practices.  Wonderful things that we cannot even imagine will emerge from writing for an hour after TwD.

On June 4, I added a post called “Writing session after TwD Part 2”

2 thoughts on “Writing session after TwD – Part 1

  1. Friend and circle member Sharon and I have now had two experiences of writing together immediately after TwD. It is a process we plan/hope to continue. Our idea is to be inclusive. Last week, Sharon told a story, I captured and emailed it to her as a first draft. This week, I talked, Sharon captured and emailed to me. John joined us for a bit…. intrigued by the possibilities…. and John and I will find ways and times to continue that conversation. Might the telling of his stories become his next book? We might hope, but it is up to him.

    Sharon, and perhaps I, and perhaps others, are curious about self-publishing, so perhaps we might discover a way to have a session on self-publishing that winds up being more “talk” than writing….. just thinking out loud here….

    We leave the circle eager to “do” the writing practice. I imagine some Tuesdsays from 2:45to 3:45 it could feel like a half dozen of us at the Friends, Philosophy and Tea tea tables merely doing our writing in each others’ company for a while. I like the space. If I can reserve Tuesdays from 1 to 4, not just 1 to 2:30, for the writers’ group followed by writing with group peeps…. well… that seems like a very attractive part of a writing practice.

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