A Springtime Writing Challenge

Who wants to sit inside and write with the weather finally beckoning us outside? (I do, sometimes or I head on outside!)

Who feels the sap in their veins warming with the touch of the sun? ( I do.)

Who is now percolating in ways they have not had the focus to follow through on this winter? (Me, yes, me and by am I glad.)

The writing I do cycles with seasons.

Recently, I completed yet another book project for another author and it was on an accelerated schedule at that. In the last three months I have been intimately involved and daily, in getting published books out in the world. ┬áThis last weekend I finally took a break and just slowed down and read for pleasure and even took a workshop that I simply attended and thoroughly enjoyed. It was nice to be the recipient of another teacher’s enthusiasm. Thank you Linda Zeppa.

My energies for writing were usurped by editing responsibilities and book layout. Fun as it was too, I got to experience first hand how much brain power is syphoned off to edit written work. Writing is the easy part! Editing takes far more time to accomplish to a point of satisfaction. Does anyone find this also to be true? Or maybe the opposite is true?

Maybe writing is the hard part and editing is the downhill portion of your writing journey?

So here is the Quest for the April-May period before us.

Free Write and Dare Yourself to Publish as is…OR notice why you won’t and take a thoughtful bit of time to examine that internal struggle you have with needing perfect prose and well-thought out pieces.

I’m not saying publish it all. What I am suggesting is challenging yourself to free associate for a 7-10 minute period and see what comes through urgently. And then develop the piece to your state of ideal.

And for your consideration here are some themes for the next two weeks:

April 16: If I have a tax refund I’d…

April 17: The three famous people I’d love to have as customers are…

April 18: Did I ever tell you about the time I learned that…

April 19: Once upon a time, I dreamed of owning a…

April 20: What’s on your bucket list for 2012?

April 21: The last book I read that taught me a great lesson was…

April 22: What is the point of TGIF for an entrepreneur?

April 23: How badly do you want to be self-employed and why?

April 24: Is World Peace possible and other great questions for a beauty queen contestant…

April 25: I was shown what the rest of my life would be like once I got organized…

April 26: I’m ready to fall in love again with…

April 27: If I went back to school, I’d study…

April 28: How long could you go without meaningful work before you’d go stir crazy or get sullen?

April 29: What are you willing to do to find work you want to be doing?

April 30: How do you really feel about Social Media at this point?

Don’t say I never offered you ideas to write about. Feel free to pick and choose and organize as you like. Or make up your own prompts for us to respond to.

It would be wonderful to find again on this community blog the humor and acerbic wit of Steve Kenagy, the wise Leona Rehm, the brilliant observant Joni Kovarik, the razor funny voice of Scott Bell, the lyrical stories of Mark Behringer, and all the other writers who have contributed to this writing space.

May April be a month of fresh blooms and business/personal writing brilliance.

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