The in-person part of our collective writing practice(s).

Musing about the life-giving energy of the Tuesdays with Deborah sessions.

Different every time.  A topic that “wants” to emerge always emerges.

Sometimes the energy  is “amped.” Sometimes meditative and receptive.

The process has “unstuck” the writing I need to do. I write here as “Good Listener” to avoid, with extra caution, for a while, any risk of trampling on any vulnerable person’s privacy, and I have known and journeyed with many.  As I develop a writing practice I will learn how to feel confident in avoiding harming others’ privacy. This space is a safe laboratory to keep a writing practice going while I learn enough WordPress, while playing with only a few posts, to develop a platform for my own voice and presence at

I felt like a rock star when the circle said, “Oh, … YOU’re Good Listener.”

I also saw Leona as a rock star when I recognized her when she came in… first time we have been in the circle at the same time. I am a fan of many people in the circle, and their hearts and skills and professional identities and presences. I have made new friends and benefitted from group members’ professional services (not to mention by name).

I am eager to see Joni, and William, and Gerald, and Karen, and Peter and others again. Janice and I write because of a common caring for…. people our own age and older. But a bit “differently,” and I want to read and re-read her posts. I could name, and link to, others in the group who have inspired my writing  this week, but I am about out of energy for looking up the links.

I feel as though there is a certain shared “work of the community” that emerges, although Deborah is, of course, the “leader with followers” and she is a capable, wise, facilitator and…. shaper? nudger? I recall the acronym “STAR” from a couple discussions ago, but I cannot remember what it means. Maybe John Erdman will remind us.

Generosity abounds and makes me eager to be part of the generosity.

Writing tonight with gratitude that can hardly be contained in words. Partly because I have completed a ten page draft on a technical subject. Before becoming part of the group, I had the same knowledge, but somehow, not the… spirit…. to translate one part of it into a first draft that elevates complex financial protections into plain language. I will keep working on it. Yes, I could publish a ten page white paper, but the world will be better served when I can break it down into ten separate posts, appropriately linked, so that every reader of TwD could “enter” the topic, and then “learn more,” or not, as they choose.

Not an easy writing practice, but it is, apparently, a challenge that is uniquely mine. If Medicare could do it, then “Chapter 30” of one “Internet-Only Manual” would not be 300 pages long!  Their work may be legally “defensible,” but it is also incomprehensible to ordinary, extraordinary, informed, motivated people. We each have a role. They have to answer “all” the questions, I like to answer real humans’ questions in language that real humans use.

I could improve this post by whittling it down to 250 words, but it is more important in The World that I whittle my ten page doc into ten separate posts. I can do it with your help. Previous posts have demonstrated that I “can” whittle something down to 250 words. I will not allow a temptation into “perfectionism” to make me think that “every” post on this safe space must conform to that useful standard. Thank you, my TwD community, for being you in the world.

By The Way…. I will not be at the April 17 gathering of TwD.   A memorial service for one of my beloved elders will occur that afternoon. I will spend the time driving others of his elderly beloved friends to the gathering.  This man was not a blood relative of mine, but he is one of my, of our, beloved elders, just the same. I will be in community all the afternoon, just not the community of my writing peeps, but rather the community of Our Beloved Elders and their Loved Ones. You will be with me. Do not ever doubt that.

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My name is Liz, and I am a writer. I am a member of "the sandwich generation," looking out for the interests of my "greatest generation" parents and friends, my "boomer" husband and self, and our "millennial" son, plus many community members that our lives touch. I am developing a writing practice so that I can become an effective publisher of blogs and books that are percolating inside me. I write as "Good Listener" on this community blog space - Tuesdays with Deborah - to remind myself that wisdom develops when I listen more than I talk. On this community space, I write on a wide variety of topics in order to discover and develop and practice voice and WordPress skills.

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