So Uplifted!

My friends in the Tuesdays with Deborah blogspace.

You will not believe me. I hope Deborah Drake might chime in with a comment affirming that this is true. A week or so ago, I posted that I have been invited to develop a training session on one subject that is Really Important in the lives of Our Beloved Elders who live in Long Term Care. That subject is “care planning.” My “customer” and I had scheduled a meeting this past week to go over a “first draft” of materials in advance of “the beta test” training session on March 17. “My customer” and I were in the midst of our meeting, when into our space walked… Deborah Drake.

Look. It was Not THE Moment, in a public space, ¬†for me to say….. “It Is In Deborah’s Blogspace That I Have Found The Confidence To Speak The Truth And Facts About the Care For Our Beloved Elders.”

But the “coincidence” was not lost on me.

The confidence and “voice” I have recently been practicing in Deborah’s group of humans and Deborah’s space for reticent bloggers, are beginning to be recognized and valued and shared by people who actually make a difference in the lives of Real Humans who live in long term care.

The training I will share on March 17, with people who work in the world of Long Term Care Advocacy, will begin to make a difference in the lives of our beloved elders and disabled who live in long term care.

As a writer, I wish to make a difference. I wish to leave the world better than I find it. I am grateful for the safe space of this blogspace and the safe space on Tuesdays, in person with Deborah and others, to keep on keepin’ on.

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My name is Liz, and I am a writer. I am a member of "the sandwich generation," looking out for the interests of my "greatest generation" parents and friends, my "boomer" husband and self, and our "millennial" son, plus many community members that our lives touch. I am developing a writing practice so that I can become an effective publisher of blogs and books that are percolating inside me. I write as "Good Listener" on this community blog space - Tuesdays with Deborah - to remind myself that wisdom develops when I listen more than I talk. On this community space, I write on a wide variety of topics in order to discover and develop and practice voice and WordPress skills.

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  1. My granny lived to be 102 and that extended journey was a difficult one for my mom and her siblings. This topic, your caring approach is SO needed. Glad to have you in the group and look forward to learning from you!

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