Suggestions for Tuesday group meeting. Got some?

I have one suggestion for the “Tuesdays with Deborah” group meeting time. I know that “there is no such thing as a stupid question.” Whenever I have had the courage to give voice to a question, other people have had the same question and are pleased it was asked. Likewise, I am always willing to “put the first playing card on the table.” Other people might add playing cards that “cover mine up,” or “trump mine.” YAY! Or maybe we add metaphorical playing cards that complete a whole set of some type.

Being so new to the group – only since mid February 2012 – I feel it is “nervy” of me to “offer a suggestion” here. Please hear the invitation in this post. This group is exactly what I need. I have learned so much from reading contributors’ writing, and from hearing what meeting attendees’ say. I also believe that community members have privileges and responsibilities. I have “heard” Deborah’s invitation to us participants to help shape and add energy and value to the group process. I look forward to comments on this post that might indicate YOUR suggestions.

I have ONE suggestion. I feel it would be beneficial to begin every session with a planned, structured, “ice breaker.” Being “new,” I did not know the first names of everyone in the room, either at the beginning, or at the end, of today’s session. “What if” we were to begin sessions like this:

“We will go around the circle clockwise. Say your first name, and the name you use on the group’s blog, and answer this question. If you don’t have an answer to the question, simply say your name, and ‘pass.’ Here is the question for today. ”

Here is an ice breaker I have had fun with. Bring 20 pennies from, let’s say, the 1980s . Everyone takes a penny and then the question is “Tell us something from your life in that year.”

My friends, I am not saying this is a “good” idea, or a “good” suggestion; it is simply what I have to offer, at this time, in answer to what sounds to me like Deborah’s sincere desire for this group to feel like….. shared authorship/shaping of the group process. Please hear gratitude above all else, because that is what I feel “the most.”


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My name is Liz, and I am a writer. I am a member of "the sandwich generation," looking out for the interests of my "greatest generation" parents and friends, my "boomer" husband and self, and our "millennial" son, plus many community members that our lives touch. I am developing a writing practice so that I can become an effective publisher of blogs and books that are percolating inside me. I write as "Good Listener" on this community blog space - Tuesdays with Deborah - to remind myself that wisdom develops when I listen more than I talk. On this community space, I write on a wide variety of topics in order to discover and develop and practice voice and WordPress skills.

4 thoughts on “Suggestions for Tuesday group meeting. Got some?

  1. Dear Good Listener,

    Actually…we typically do introduce ourselves…BUT yesterday was not BECAUSE I looked around and saw returning faces and included YOU in the long-time CORE of the group…that is a compliment!

    I like icebreakers and thank you for the suggestion. I love it. We have had many fun icebreakers….

    Till next week.

    Yes, no such thing as a bad one…LOL

  2. I truly have felt warmly welcomed, included, and appreciated, so it comes as no surprise that your wise practice is to decide on the spot whether or not to use valuable group time for names, and it did not seem necessary yesterday. Good call. Thank you. I know that I will learn the names and match them to faces and writing All In Good Time.

  3. Gerald, thanks for the comment! Proves how “this blogspace” is beneficial. I have benefited from meeting you in person and “hearing your voice.” Now that I see your comment here, I can easily find…. your web presence… and receive that benefit. I know that Deborah wishes there were more posts and comments here, not for her benefit but for ours! Leaving this post now to go read your web presence. Thanks!

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