2 thoughts on “Post to TwD right from the comfy confines of your OS

  1. Interesting article..I have used both apps on my MacBook Air and find them very handy to write articles when no Internet connection is available.
    However, I have one niggling complaint..when the post is uploaded to WordPress as a draft it puts the current date and time on the Publish line. Not a huge deal except sometimes if I am posting an article in a rush I forget to change the date and the article turns up out of sequence.
    Is there any way of having either app not insert the date when uploading a draft.


    • I know of three ways of changing the date. Within WordPress, while editing a post, in the upper right corner, there is the publish block. In that block, the date of the post can be changed. That can even be used to schedule posts to happen in the future, if one so chooses. Secondly, in MacJournal, one can change the date using Entry>>Change Date & Time…. Though I haven’t used MarsEdit extensively, Post>>Edit Date supposedly does the same thing.

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