Is it Hard to Change?

That depends.  If I’m not the one initiating change, or worse, not even asked my opinion about the change – it’s very hard! 

Case in point:  I belong to a charitable organization that started with just seven of us.  Today it numbers close to 250.  In those early days we were like a family.  Today we are like a community.  In the early days I played a significant role, today six people share that role.  I’m not one of the six.  Things change.

Last night I heard about another change that moves us away from the “one family” into segments.  Like a company whose annual picnic changes to departmental picnics on different days at different parks creates a shift in the company culture this change is also going to create a change in the organizational culture.  That hurts.

Whether good or bad is still to be seen, but I wasn’t part of the decision making, so it hurts even more.  I found myself in a blue funk for a couple of days until I realized I needed to make some changes and I had some choices to make:

  1. I can resist what is, be miserable about it, make people around me miserable with my griping and complaining OR I can
  2. Communicate my concerns with the leadership seeking to get things changed back by working through channels
  3. Get involved in a leadership role again
  4. Take the time to understand why this change was initiated, what problem is it the answer to and seek a different solution that does not break us down into segments
  5. Embrace the change and see what there is for me to learn in the process
  6. Accept that this change is what is and determine my own path, level of commitment and continued involvement
  7. Leave the organization to go its own path recognizing that someday our paths may diverge.

The only choice that is unacceptable is the first.  I want no place in my life for resisting complaining or griping.  That’s the song of the Victim.  I have yet to meet a successful business owner who is a Victim.  Have You?

If you’re facing a change and struggling with it, let’s talk.  Change is hard, but we don’t have to be the victim of change — or our emotions.


5 thoughts on “Is it Hard to Change?

  1. Leona,

    Love this! Sometimes all we need to do with change is sit with it for a moment and search our hearts for a solution. There are always possibilities! Spread them all out on the floor and pick one that makes your heart feel right. The rest will fall into place. Besides swimming up stream takes too much energy. Thanks for the reminder and great post.


  2. Thanks Gerald!
    I like that analogy. There are always possibilities – just have to sit in the mess on the floor for awhile and not react in haste (or fear, anger, frustration, etc)

  3. Leona, what a thoughtful and wise reflection on something we all deal with…. change! I also like Gerald’s metaphor – spreading things out on the floor… I think I have heard him say that out loud, or use it in writing. Love that, too. Thank you!

  4. Sometimes I think I spend too much time sitting on the floor in the mess and not taking action. I call myself a procrastinator. Even when I’ve reached a decision and I know that I need to do next, I still sit there looking around at the mess. But when I act I find I can move forward rapidly. Maybe it’s because I’ve thought through all the scenarios without realizing it and it the path forward is easily becomes clear. And we can leave the swimming upstream to the salmon.

  5. Agreed – let the fish swim upstream!
    It’s interesting that you think of it as procrastinating when it might be gathering steam – like a steam locomotive getting ready to leave the station???

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