How do I discover a name for a new blog?

Grateful for the space here that Deborah Drake has provided for not-so-reticent bloggers, I have drafted enough posts to have the confidence to think about launching my new blog on “a subject that is near and dear to my heart.” Which has become “a subject that I know something about.” The general topic area is “what the long term care experience is supposed to be like, vs. what many people are experiencing and putting up with.”

I do not claim to be “an expert.”

I am not a medical professional.

I am not a legal professional.

I am a loving friend and family member, an informed and caring citizen and consumer.

I like facts. I like objective information. I like informed opinions and well-developed arguments. But my heart is pretty loud, too, and will not be silenced and kept out of communication.

I am grateful for the ways my life has been enriched by being present with people whose lives have part of this landscape, either for a short while, or a long while.

I am a little outraged. I am a bit sad. I am hopeful. I believe that the energy and attention that has benefited rights in other arenas will benefit our beloved elders and disabled in long term care.

I wonder what would be an authentic and appropriate name for the blog that contains “that” voice? I will continue to ponder. Thoughts are welcome, even if those thoughts do not “sound like” a blog name.

Not every one of my posts in this space is on that topic. There were a couple other pieces of writing “I had to do,” and I published them here. When I am “blocked” by a little annoyance or outrage or sadness on any topic, … throwing it onto paper seems to get me unblocked. You may know the feeling. Thank you for reading.

Note: I return to this post to add that the March 6 session of Tuesdays with Deborah helps me toward an answer. I am grateful to all who were there.

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