Intuition in Writing and Living

Community member Linda Zeppa mentioned the “Intuitive Writing” process she shares with others through her practice. I connected enough dots to find her inviting website. I am not sure I am familiar with the “place” where Linda shares her gift – the Margaret M Center for Intuitive Arts in Issaquah, mentioned here. The helpful hints on Linda’s site are delightful. I am grateful to have heard Linda’s voice during “Tuesday’s With Deborah” this week, also to have found Linda’s site and practice.

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My name is Liz, and I am a writer. I am a member of "the sandwich generation," looking out for the interests of my "greatest generation" parents and friends, my "boomer" husband and self, and our "millennial" son, plus many community members that our lives touch. I am developing a writing practice so that I can become an effective publisher of blogs and books that are percolating inside me. I write as "Good Listener" on this community blog space - Tuesdays with Deborah - to remind myself that wisdom develops when I listen more than I talk. On this community space, I write on a wide variety of topics in order to discover and develop and practice voice and WordPress skills.

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