Is this a Love/Hate Relationship?

Don’t you just love and yet sometimes hate being the CEO of your own business?

This has been a most unexpected journey, a mind stretcher, horizon expander and the opportunity of a life time. It’s been filled with fear and panic. It’s been a challenge. It’s like a roller coaster ride full of screams of terror and delight. It’s been boring and exciting and everything in between.

I know these life expanding moments are not limited to the owners of small businesses. Anyone who decides to take responsibility for his or her own life and especially their income is going to feel some of the same emotions. I just didn’t know it was going to be like this when I started. Like a therapist friend of mine said, “I didn’t become a therapist so I could run a business. I did it to help people.” I wonder how many others in service fields blindly entered into business thinking just being a good _______________ (fill in the blank) is all it takes.

One of my coaches made the comment, “Leona, you have to be a coach, it’s your path to self-actualization”. In being in business for myself as a coach, I’ve had to face my fears square on, toe to toe. I’ve had to stare my demons down and move forward despite the knot in my stomach and the all too clear voice in my head telling me I am going to fail.

Even so, as each coaching call ends there comes the exhilaration of knowing I am doing what I was created to do, being who I was created to be – and there’s no greater thrill.

How about you? What’s it like being the CEO of your own business? What are the challenges you’ve overcome and continue to face? What are the keys to your success?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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