When Love Goes to Work

February is the month for love: Love your spouse, your kids, your pet, even the grumpy neighbor down the street or the employee who’s a pain in the, well, you know where.

I’m all about love – who isn’t? AND I’m also all about implementation, so when someone tells me to “forgive” another person and I’m still hurting or angry I ask, “HOW? Usually the answer is “just do it!” That didn’t make much sense!    No more than telling me to “trust?  Just trust!”

How do you “just forgive” someone who has hurt you? How do you “forgive?” Then one day I was introduced to Byron Katie’s book “Loving What Is”. This book provides the “HOW?”

At first glance it looks easy (funny how that is)! However when you get into the process, altho’ the process is easy, it’s takes time. When you are a newbie to “The Work” it simply takes time – to spill your thoughts and emotions onto paper and then get honest with yourself. There are four questions to answer – just four – and something she calls the “Turnaround”. What’s amazing is what happens when you take the time to answer thoughtfully and honestly. And with practice it begins to take less and less time!

Feeling stressed by a situation? Answer the four questions and do the Turnaround. See what happens with the stress. Bugged by someone? Answer the four questions and feel the shift happen deep inside you. I answered the four questions and am amazed at the changes that happened in a troubled relationship.

Byron Katie is also very generous. You can go to her website and download the four questions and Turnaround, a variety of worksheets and read more about “The Work” and how doing the work changes lives. Check out It’s all about implementation. When you think about it, what’s the good of an insight if there is no practical way to apply it?

Wishing you a Lovely week!


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